$ Counter-serve Japanese eatery Marugame Udon - Udon noodle restaurant in Honolulu, United States

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2310 Kūhiō Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815




(808) 931-6000

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4.50 (8185 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Wednesday: 11AM to 10PM
  • Thursday: 11AM to 10PM
  • Friday: (Hawaii Admission Day), 11AM to 10PM, Hours might differ
  • Saturday: 11AM to 10PM
  • Sunday: 11AM to 10PM
  • Monday: 11AM to 10PM
  • Tuesday: 11AM to 10PM


  • Crowd
    • Tourists
    • Family-friendly
    • College students
  • Payments
    • Credit cards
    • NFC mobile payments
  • Planning
    • Usually a wait
  • Amenities
    • Restroom
    • High chairs
    • Good for kids
  • Offerings
    • Quick bite
    • Comfort food
    • Small plates
    • Healthy options
    • Late-night food
    • Vegetarian options
  • Atmosphere
    • Casual
  • Highlights
    • Fast service
  • Popular for
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Breakfast
    • Solo dining
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair accessible seating
    • Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • Wheelchair accessible restroom
    • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Dining options
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Breakfast
  • Health & safety
    • Mask required
    • Staff wear masks
    • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Service options
    • Dine-in
    • Takeout
    • Delivery
    • Drive-through


Frequently mentioned in reviews: time (6) food (6) tempura (7) good (9) place (10) long (11) noodles (12) wait (12) line (17)

  • 5Traveling with The L. 1 year ago
    We truly love this place we went 2times already and will go back again soon. They're noodles is super chubby, chewy and soup broth is really tasty and good smell. Friendly staff, not super clean because they so busy but still ok. They're super popular with the long line for dinner time. ( If you go before 4:00pm will not that long line) So be patient! Then you will enjoy they food I guarantee!

  • 5Michael C. 1 year ago
    As everyone has mentioned, definitely lives up to the hype! Super super delicious! Food is made right in front of you and you grab whatever small bites you want. Food is very cheap and reasonably priced, but it can add up very quickly since everything looks so good! During dinner time, the line is wrapped outside the building. Although I hear it moves very fast. Best time to go would be in the morning, we went twice and there was no wait. There is not much seating, however. Definitely a must visit place if you're ever in the area! Extremely fulfilling! Wish there was some place similar back home.

  • 5Yuri F. 1 year ago
    I usually run from those touristic places, but this Udon place is amazing. Not sure if it is worth 1-2h in the line (we went at 3pm, with shorter line) but i would definitely take a 30-40min line for it. Good good for very fair price.

  • 5G B. 1 year ago
    First off and possibly most important, do not let the long lines scare you. Most people don’t know this but you can order your food online and pick it up at the back door. That’s what we did and the whole process took about 10 minutes. The food was absolutely delicious, fresh and worth every penny. Thank you chef!! 心から本当にありがとうございます

  • 5Daniel W. 3 months ago
    For starters, this place has a long line out the door almost every night. Fortunately, it moves relatively quickly. The bowls of ramen are fairly priced and all include house-made noodles! The broths were flavorful and the serving sizes were generous. The tempura was alright. Nothing to really write home about. I did enjoy all of their tempura options (chicken, zucchini, sweet potato, mushroom, etc.). If you’re itching for some noodles, you can’t go wrong with this place - as long as you’re willing to wait.

  • 5Muhammad U. 7 months ago
    I tried Japanese noodles for the first time and totally loved it. Long wait worth it. This place is always busy which proves how good the food really is. Tempura shrimps, fried fish and veggie fried ball as a side order was a nice combination. The wait is long but service is super fast. One of unique taste!

  • 5Tania D. 1 month ago
    On vacation and MU was on our bucket list. I had heard that the wait can be over 2 hours, so we decided to go at 5pm. We walked in with a 5 min wait and once in line to order, it went even faster. My husband and I ordered the Curry Nikutama with sweet beef. We absolutely loved it!! This is a must try when in Waikiki!!!

  • 5Veronica R. 7 months ago
    Someone leaned over in line and said “We ate here yesterday, it is worth the wait” And no joke… wait in the line. Just do it. The food is amazing and very affordable. The employees work very hard to move the line fast and they split the tips, so please tip generously!

  • 5Diamond N. 4 months ago
    While the line is long from open to close, it moves very quickly. People normally get in and out to free up tables. The noodles are made from scratch with several choices to eat them. There’s a bunch of tempura options to enjoy on the side such as shrimp, sweet potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, fish cakes, and many more. It’s a must when in Waikiki.

  • 4Artyom K. 1 year ago
    This place has great udon noodle themed foods with a decent amount of variety. It’s a pick your items type of restaurant where you tell them what you want and they put it together for you. Fairly priced. The line for lunch and dinner can get somewhat long, however it moves fairly quick. Indoor seating and some tables outside.

  • 4Dave Y. 1 year ago
    Food: amazing Setting: pleasant Time: short wait Presentation: buffet Service: just ok Grabbed a quick lunch here. If you read our other reviews you will notice that we grab a little of everything. We got four soups with noodles and pretty much all the sides. Recommendation: get noodles, they are amazing! Second recommendation: we loved all the tempura. Wait was about 20 minutes at 4pm on a Saturday. The only thing we didn’t like was the cleaning lady yelled at us in Japanese. We didn’t make a mess and we bussed our own table. There is no wait staff but we tipped anyhow. Maybe she was having a bad day? Everything else was great. Might go back tomorrow. :)

  • 4Sharon Y. 1 year ago
    #1,4,8,10. These are what we ordered. It is best to go around 2-4pm to avoid the line. We thought the noodles itself was great— very chewy and had a great bite. The soup base however was just okay. It gets saltier as you eat/ drink the soup. The fried food was pretty good! I like soaking mine in the soup while my parents enjoy filling it in the tempura sauce. We really enjoyed the calamari, shrimp, and sweet potato. Everything else can be skipped in my opinion.

  • 4A T. 1 year ago
    If you are looking for an inexpensive meal in Hawaii, well you are at a right place. However, be prepared to wait. The line wraps around the corner on daily basis. This was my first true experience with Japanese cuisine. We had a few things, including chicken, which was much better than teriyaki beef, so much so that I couldn’t tell it was beef meat at all. Noodles combined with sauce were good. There is limited space inside, I sat at one of the booths just to be told that I have to get up and can’t sit there. There were no signs and lady’s English was not that good, so I got up and found the seat outside in the back. It was a good thing to try and kinda cool to look at employees creating meals and noodles from scratch.

  • 4s. 1 month ago
    Nice udon and finally found a vegan version 💪 love that they have vegan options And that it is so affordable with only 8.95$ for the small one (which is plenty). The broth has no veg only noodles and tofu crumbs which is a bit disappointing Also it is quite popular so you will have to wait in line - which is fine though. Only thing is that it is more like a diner - so it’s quite hectic inside. They have tempura which is nice and also some spices to add some chili and so on.

  • 4M. 4 months ago
    Although the line was long down the street corner, it went through very quickly (30 mins) , there are staff cleaning and organizing tables, so it's not like people would fight for one. I'm not a big fan of thick noodle but I do enjoy it along with their light broth, it was so comfort. We get to pick out our own tempura and how many we want them.

  • 4Joanna H Y. 2 months ago
    Very happy experience! Everyone commented that the waiting time was too long. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we went there at about 1: 30 noon. It took less than ten minutes from queuing to eating noodles. Great! After eating, you should clean up the table and put the dishes and garbage in the specified place. The price is very affordable, the quantity is sufficient, and the taste is good. It is completely open from processing to cooking noodles, which makes people feel at ease. When we came out, the queue was long again, haha! What a lucky time!

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