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1680 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814




(808) 951-7677

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3.60 (376 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
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Frequently mentioned in reviews: location (6) good (6) staff (7) machines (7) time (8) pass (9) equipment (10)

  • 5Patrick G. 1 year ago
    Busy location but still get plenty of room and equipment for use. Friendly and helpful staff, plenty of parking. Parking cost 1$ with validation.

  • 5Steven S. 1 year ago
    Parking easy to get to. Staff is great and there is plenty of equipment, even on busy hours.

  • 5kevin k. 7 months ago
    Always able to do what I want/need to do then leave, hassle-free.

  • 5. 4 months ago
    I had a zumba class with Emi and it was so goood

  • 5Michael O. 10 months ago
    Not the newest facility, but they’ve got plenty of space and several functional fitness areas. I’ve only been midday, but I hardly had to wait for any machine or weights. There was a line for the squat racks, but otherwise there are other options if somebody is on the machine you want.

  • 4M. 1 year ago
    24 hour is pretty busy club. I do feel it's worth it because they do a good job keeping equipment clean and maintained well. There personal trainers are very qualified. Hector is one of their Pt's and is incredible. Very knowledgeable and intuitive to his clients goals.

  • 4Gigi L. 11 months ago
    Good location, lots of equipment and areas for functional training and for stretching. Women’s bathroom stalls are a little small.. and I say that as a petite person. It can’t be helped but a bit of an inconvenience. Downstairs cardio area has a strange smell, especially going down the staircase. Overall good gym in a convenient location.

  • 4Jeffery H. 11 months ago
    First day at a gym. They have tones of equipment. Best I've ever seen.

  • 4Shevy W. 1 year ago
    Parking is a little weird when not familiar with the area and validation costs $1. Otherwise, love the lay out of this location! Kaneohe is my home gym but it wasn't too much to adjust to the layout. Plus, before 11am it's a lot less busy than KBay! Happy sweating! 😅

  • 4G. 7 months ago
    This is the biggest gym in Honolulu and it’s not that very big! However, the gym is good to get in a great workout! I like it, it’s was good going there. It’s just that parking garage fee can only be paid in cash! What????? It’s 2022 and there’s no electronic payments methods that’s crazy AF in today’s time!!!!!!! Reason for the Four Stars

  • 4Nathaniel D. 6 months ago
    The gym is solid in terms of equipment. The staff is awesome. The other guests are pretty awful though. They will leave weights out of place and leave trash wherever convenient to them, the male bathroom sinks always have a puddle of water covering the entire counter(like seriously...how...again this isnt on staff...what user is just splashing water all over the sinks? I have wiped them dry and 10 minutes later again soaked in water), some guests will hog machines for long periods of time while not using them. They will do 1 set or even rep...then rest on that machine for 10 minutes playing on their phone or eyeballing themselves in the mirror. I actually enjoy the gym...but the other guests make it a situation where you have to weigh the pros and cons.

  • 4joanne b. 5 months ago
    Good place for a quick workout during vacation. Parking is tight. Love how welcoming and friendly the staff are.

  • 4Bruce T. 1 year ago
    I am revising my original review from a few years ago. They have gotten much better since the pandemic. People are cleaning up machines after using them, the crowds are manageable and the staff seem a bit friendlier. I still cannot understand what makes this a super sport.. But it is

  • 3Camilla A. 1 year ago
    The staff is nice but the club takes ver poor care of equipment. Guests are good at cleaning seats and handles but the club is not cleaning the machine. The foot plates for example are filthy. Several machines have pins missing and need regular maintenance. There are not many choices in Honolulu and they may have staffing shortages but it is disappointing.

  • 2Z A. 2 months ago
    Why do the kids/young adults seem to not understand that the platforms are for deadlifting… not the floor directly in front haha. I’m under the impression that they are stupid? Is it a trend? The 24 hour staff should stop this before the floor literally caves in. Signed, Dumbfounded customer

  • 1taylor s. 6 months ago
    Business offers free 3-day trial but when you show up they advise it is for residents only and offer the drop in rate of $25USD which is outrageous. It felt deceptive. This was not on the website or free trial email.

  • 1Marvin A. 5 months ago
    Went to this location since my hotel gym has limited equipment with the intention to purchase a day pass for $25. The night before, I called to ask if I have to do any registration online or some sort to make things quick as I was time constraint. I was told it would take 2 minutes to pay in the kiosk. I went the next day around 6:30am and the person who checked me in asked “have I been to that location before” which I said yes, I was a former 24Hr member (before joining another gym in CA) so I only intended to pay $25 day pass to use the gym. I was told that they could give me a “Guest pass” instead of paying for a day access but first someone will show me the club really quick as many things have changed. That used so much of my time and the person giving me tour was already giving me different tiers of membership and how much I would save by re-joining. Again, I just wanted to pay the $25 and use the gym but they wanted to me to join. Ultimately, when I told them that I’d need time to think about re-joining I just came for the day pass, they were going to make me pay the day pass. What happened to the “Guest pass” they promised me? I had no problem paying the day pass but they should have just made me pay instead of wasting my time. In the end I told them that I will just leave instead since I have less than 30mins left to workout since they used up my time for nothing. TLDR; if you want to use the day pass, do not entertain those folks by seducing you with “guest pass.” Quickly push them away, hand your payment and do your workout.

  • 1Michael N. 2 months ago
    Well for starters, the membership price is way to high. I have a membership at other gyms across the entire United States, with better machines and more to offer, at a lower price. Compared to other gyms like LVAC in las vegas. 24 hour is just appallingly disappointing. You get less for a higher price. The machines are outdated, old, rusted, broken or in disrepair. If they try to repair it, it's rigged in a different way. For such a crowded gym you would think that it would recieve more attention from management. It would be nice to dust or wipe the machines down every once in a while. The machines are scattered all over the place. Very disorganized and confusing. Weights are everywhere. The crevices are full of dust, sut and grease. Handles are broken and usually remain broken for months. The pads are all worn out and no longer provide support. So its metal to bone when working out. The locker rooms are dirty and smelly. This gym is not worth the money you pay. They also don't offer any towels and you have to pay $1 for parking. That doesn't sound like much but if you go to the gym 6 times a week. That's an additional $26 a month on top of your already pricey membership. Honestly, I pay less for my gym in las vegas LVAC $19.99 a month compared to $49.00. Trust me, if you saw this gym you would wonder why 24 hours is still in business. I wish they would open up a branch Hawaii because if they do, im sure this gym will definitely go out of business. @LVAC

  • 1Mikaela R. 1 month ago
    This gym is extremely packed from 5am - 10 pm every day of the week. I’ve been to 20+ gyms in my life and I’ve never seen anything like it. There are literal lines to wait for one of the 6 squat racks in the whole gym. They don’t have clips for the racks, it’s always dirty, and they never have enough weights to go around. I usually spend at least 20 minutes a day just waiting to use one piece of equipment or the right dumbbells. Very frustrating if you’re in a hurry. The locker rooms are dirty, mold in the shower heads, and the whole gym is so hot! Terrible airflow. Don’t waste your time going here it’s really miserable. So many other good choices around here.

  • 1Daniel L. 2 months ago
    The guys who work there have absolutely no idea from their job! They sold me a national fitness membership even tough they knew I only stay in Hawaii for Vacation before I‘m jeading back to Europe. Luckily a friend gave me a hint that I paid way too much! Now I hope that I will get some money back!

  • 1S. S. 11 months ago
    the gym is ok… this review is more about the other members. the ones who sit around on their phones for 5 minutes between sets (not even exaggerating) their workouts must be taking 3 hours!! also not many people put their weights back and you can never get a squat rack. There is actually enough equipment it’s just that there aren’t many gyms in honolulu so they all get pretty crowded.. I wish 24 waikiki was still open and maybe we wouldn’t have this problem

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