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805 Pohukaina St, Honolulu, HI 96813




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3.80 (178 reviews)

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  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: 12AM to 11PM
  • Saturday: 6AM to 8PM
  • Sunday: 6AM to 8PM
  • Monday: 5AM to 12AM
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours


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  • 5Daud L. 11 months ago
    Gym is the best I've worked out at, not only does it have everything you need mats, food/drink counter, bags, weights, rooms, sauna, shower, etc. But the community there is solid. Some of my best friends I've made in Hawaii have been at this gym, whether you're a fighter or a bodybuilder this gym is it. Mad respect to Juan Gomez too who seriously helped me out with my membership needs

  • 5Ana S. 2 months ago
    The ambience here is very alive, the music is awesome very upbeat. Every coach and class I've taken is exactly what I was looking for. They are all very nice and encouraging people, no judgement zone. They have so many classes to choose from and a wide variety of free weights and machines. The price isnt bad either. Totally happy with my choice. #iloveUFCgym #UFC #GYM

  • 5Faitala M. 1 year ago

  • 5Quenaira “Queny” R. 3 weeks ago
    Been coming to this gym for over a year now. I was super uncomfortable being in a gym. I joined because I wanted to train with Justin Benavente, he is a personal trainer at UFC gym (he also does massage anu cupping therapy). I've been training with Justin for almost a year now and have grown to love the gym. I can now do things on my own and that makes me feel empowered and confident. All the coaches and staff at the gym are super friendly and encouraging. I've recently signed my daughter up for youth jujitsu and UFC's (DUT) version of a HIIT class. She is loving it and has been so focused it's amazing to watch her grow. Another one of my favorite things to do is take all the DUT classes on the holidays, all the coaches are involved and it's super fun but an intense workout. I've definitely been taking advantage of all the free perks that come with my membership!! And I love having access to a sauna!

  • 5J. 8 months ago
    If you have kids, the classes are awesome, for boys and girls! I take my 6 year old 2 to 3 times a week and it has been so good for him. Big thanks to the instructors! The parking is a little tuff, we usually ride bicycles.

  • 5Phantom A. 7 months ago
    Greatest gym i have ever been to. It is pretty HUGE. The people are fantastic, they break down the lessons for easy follow, the instructors are pretty good! Most of all, they have a shower and locker room in the gym. And they got a octagon! Last but least, the gym membership are pretty reasonable plus you can take as MMA lessons as you can. Plus ambience and atmosphere is amazing. I only wish we have this type of gym in California. 10/10 would go back here again. This also have became part of the reason why, I wanna move here in Hawaii. Mahalo!

  • 4Dubbya A. 4 months ago
    It would get 5 stars if they worked out the parking lot situation. There is a tiny lot in the back and an alleyway that you can park in. If you’re lucky you might not have to wait in line to park but the gym is always packed during the day so you’re going to wait.

  • 4Evan R. 1 year ago
    Gym is large and semi clean. Parking is tough at peak hours. Some of the front desk staff need help with customer service and friendliness. Danny, Kawai, and Josie are great.

  • 4Stephen S. 8 months ago
    UFC gym is pretty solid. They have a good selection of equipment, and the gym traffic is usually ok (I go in off hours though so...). They have been pretty on top of keeping their machines in good repair and available over at least the last four months. Most lifters rerack and wipe down, so that's a plus too. Areas for growth: The parking can be a bit of a traffic jam (at least they stopped the valet service). The dumbbells in the free space workout room are busted up with sharp plastic edges on some. The male side showers are a mess but functional (if you plan on using them). Hours are no longer 24/7 (blame the pandemic, hopefully full service will return someday)

  • 4Luke D. 5 months ago
    I’m pretty happy with this gym overall, been coming for a year, but parking is abysmal 4-7p on weekdays. 4-8 car line always which can be a 30 minute wait to PARK. If your schedule is flexible enough to avoid this it’s a solid gym but if this matters to you go somewhere else. Lifting equipment is very solid and I like the sauna a lot, clean and good vibes

  • 3Makena G. 7 months ago
    It’s okay not the best not the worst. Parking can be hard but at meat your don’t have to pay for it. This is NOT a 24 hour gym. They try to advertise it as open all the time but it is 24 Monday to Thursday. Friday to Sunday the close at like 8 or something. Also the billing is weird… and the front desk is not friendly. Like I said it’s okay not the best but sufficient.

  • 2sean b. 1 year ago
    Great gym, but billing is a disaster. #1 said i had to freeze account in person. Billing date was on 12th so i went and froze account on the 11th. I STILL GOT CHARGED for the entire month. Aparently you also have to give exact amount of time you will freeze the account or they just open it back up and charge full price with no warning. So I pay for the month but explain that i would like to freeze my account for max time of 6 months. Girl says ok all good i got you. Next month comes and again I am charged full price. After recieveing email from manager who said would do me a solid and void the full price charge I have yet to be refunded or heard anything back. It has been a week, and of course their phones go straight to a full mail box. Gym is dope, butmanagement and billing not ok.

  • 2Salamander S. 1 month ago
    For the most part I like this gym. It has new equipment and is fairly clean. However the blonde girl (Emma) who works at the check-in desk is consistently rude to the members. Her attitude can be described as nothing less than toxic. I am surprised she is still working here, as she probably looses the company a lot of money in memberships. Hope they deal with this soon

  • 2Kingdom M. 1 year ago
    The gym is really nice. The facility is clean and there is plenty of equipment. Most staff members are friendly. However, DO NOT trust these guys with billing. I would not keep a credit card on file. Use a virtual card and set a limit on the card for the gym. You may get random charges or be charged for more than expected and when you try to address it they are rude and not helpful. If there was another gym with boxing equipment and decent weights I would go elsewhere. Read the other reviews. If you get random charges or overcharged don't say we didn't warn you.

  • 1Ola O. 1 year ago
    The gym advertised $21 for 21 and the terms and conditions do not specify residency. I was charged $130/month, given the fact that I was in Hawaii just for 3 weeks. I called back 3 times to get clarification on the ad and what I was charged for, they would placed me on hold for hours and hours. I got really frustrated and went back to meet the guy (Ricky) that signed me up. He said that I was wasting my time and he said the residency conditions applied. I am like you say something that is different from the terms and conditions of your ad. The staffs are not professional. I do frequent Hawaii and I will never return to this location again. I will opt for other gym with better service.

  • 1Eric S. 4 months ago
    I’ve gone to UFC Kaka’ako for three years now and I really love the gym and especially the employees, but it just has the worst most repetitive music ever. I was out for over half a year, and I came back to the same 5 songs blazing so loud I can’t even block it out any longer and it’s just nauseating. Please get some variety and turn the sound down to a level where we can at least block out the horrendous repetive music PLEASE 🙏🏻

  • 1mike z. 2 months ago
    This gym is dishonest and do not recommend for military service members. Living on the island for three years, I signed up for a two year deal, which they offered is cheaper because you are paying up front. After the two year deal they informed me they would need to recharge an activation to go month to month ($149). After doing the month to month for almost a year I notified them I was moving In the next two months and what do I need to do to cancel the membership. They informed the membership cannot be cancelled until you are within three weeks of your desired end state. Once I got within the three week window, I told them I wanted to cancel, which they informed me I would be charged for the additional month following because you have to cancel more then three weeks out. I s loaned to them the whole military movement of PCS which negates having to pay for something when I am no longer on this island. I have tried to gain a refund but they are refusing to do so. This is ridiculous.

  • 1Melina G. 3 months ago
    Very unfriendly staff. The lady ( little, wears glasses ) that was at the reception at 12pm on the 21st of April was very rude. I was training at the gym with a gym pass for month. I used to speak so highly the UFC gym and had so much fun going there. I used to tell all my friends about it and posted a lot of stories. When I was there today, I wanted to join my friend for training for this day only ( but my gym pass expired ). I told the lady, that I’ll be leaving the island soon, that’s why I can’t get a new pass. She didn’t understand it at all and actually talked to us for a few seconds only before she continued talking on the phone. I was driving and we were looking for a parking spot for a long time. I just don’t understand why someone would be that rude and make you feel so bad. It’s not only the fact that she sent me back home but also the way she said it was very rude and unfriendly!

  • 1A. 11 months ago
    Make sure to ask the contract paper. After a month they gonna charge extra $60 for ridiculous reason. I asked to deleted my card information, but they keep charging with my card. You'll lost money if you think a they will not cheat.

  • 1Nakamura S. 11 months ago
    This GYM managing team like an international fraud group. Don't hand over your card information when you pay. They're used to cheating and they've been doing it, so there's no guilt at all.

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