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747 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96813



(808) 744-5300

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4.70 (130 reviews)

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  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
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  • 5Jhericka S. 1 year ago
    This gym is awesome! I love the energy of the place. The staff and even members are so welcoming and friendly. The staff is very professional as well. The gym itself as well as the equipment seems to be well kept & very clean. Everyone makes you feel so welcomed and I enjoy my workouts here.

  • 5Lexy R. 1 year ago
    Absolutely IN LOVE with this gym. Honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s hard to find a gym that feels like home, but here definitely gives you that feeling. The coaches are amazing and extremely patient. The coaches also make you feel like you’re somebody, like they actually want to help and not like you’re just a part of their paycheck, The staff always has a smile and willing to answer any questions you may have no matter how silly the questions seem. And most importantly the gym is clean from the front of the gym to the locker rooms and the bathroom. Hands down an amazing gym, wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • 5Angie B. 9 months ago
    My name is Brian Beckman, Angie's husband. We belong to ANYTIME Fitness on the mainland and have been on Island for 6 weeks. We travel here every year and have done so for 40 years. The crew of Makana, Amanda and Ivan are outstanding young people who are an asset not only to this business but to the Island and humanity. Anytime Fitness is blessed to have these special young individual s taking care of this club. They exemplify professionalism, work ethic and most of all Aloha, a quality we don't often experience on the mainland.Mahalo to you for having the foresight to hire these young people of Aloha

  • 5n n. 6 months ago
    Great staff, vibe and ambiance! Wish they had another squat rack but other than that, no complaints.

  • 5Scott H. 8 months ago
    Love Anytime Fitness and trying out other gyms when traveling. Clean, neat facility. Positive energetic vibe. Equipment appears to be well maintained. Not a large gym but plenty of cardio, machine, free weight choices, small group workout observed. Though from out of town felt very welcome. Thank you Anytime Fitness.

  • 5K i. 7 months ago
    Literally, they are the best fitness club in the world :) They have great plans for locals and visitors. If there is anyone who hussle to join gym, please book a tour through their website and see a manager! He is a best fitness center manager as well :) Equipment is all new and tidy, members are super nice. So no worries with rusted atmosphere!

  • 5Chanelle P. 1 year ago
    Anytime fitness is a great gym to start working on your fitness goals! Angel was the one that helped me with planning out my fitness goals and helping me stay on track. Highly recommend them for a great and fun experience getting back in to the gym!

  • 5Emily M. 1 year ago
    Clean, great personal training options! Staff is amazing! Friendly, and helpful with any questions you have. Also location is very convenient to get to. Highly recommend, especially with having 24hr access!

  • 5Lybia C. 1 year ago
    I love Anytime Fitness. The employees are extremely professional and very communicative. Not only that, one of the employee by the name of Angel Vega shows extreme professionalism, commitment and he is very supportive of all of his clients. He answers questions promptly and tries to find the solution to every issue his client may have. I definitely recommend this gym and if you have any questions about joining, ask for Angel Vega directly!

  • 5Melanie M. 1 year ago
    I always come into the club for a quick workout after work or on my days off. The club is clean and sanitation wipes are available near every station. The club does get crowded on some days but I tend to go in the wee hours of the morning when no one is really around. I also love the club being open 24/7 since most other clubs aren't. The management is awesome and have great communication whether it's addressing any issues with membership or around the club. I highly recommend this club to anyone actively looking for a good place to join. Thank you angel and staff! Keep up the good work!

  • 5Zachary M. 1 year ago
    We got to AF bright and early and was greeted by the energetic and welcoming manager May! She gave us a tour of the facility, which was very up to date and had everything we needed to have a great workout. We got a great workout in and made a friend in May who even helped my girlfriend with bodybuilding posing and advice! Highly recommend and when we are in Hawaii we will be going back for sure!

  • 3Jamie W. 11 months ago
    I started coming here shortly after they opened. Gym is clean and staff is friendly, but they fail to ensure that people wear their masks properly or at all unless they’re alerted by someone else. I’m considering cancelling my membership.

  • 3Beatrix L. 3 months ago
    Very limited parking and it's a bit confusing whether you need to register or not. Also quite small. There weren't even that many people and I found it hard to get any equipment to get a workout in

  • 2K C. 2 months ago
    I went there 2 different days to join the gym but couldn't get into the building and no one was at the front desk. One member leaving said the staff were gone for the day.

  • 1rich p. 9 months ago
    VERY IMPORTANT TO READ UNTIL THE END!!! The male trainer there, is not customer service oriented. they don’t follow cdc guidelines, it’s not enforced or consistent. Sign indicates when a staff member is on site, went twice no one around. Called the number left messages, no response. emailed the website even gave bad reviews. no response. had to finally call aiea only to find out the recent manager quit. no staff available as noted on the door. Not a very professional oriented establishment. bathrooms can tell not cleaned consistently. Been trying to cancel my membership can’t get in touch with anyone, the apps won’t allow you to remove your credit card on file. Tried everything possible and no response. maybe this will trigger them to respond to me. so i can cancel my membership and go elsewhere. update. the owner jerome emailed me and said this Per Jerome the owner: Your request to have your membership is being denied unless you have a valid reason outlined in your membership agreement. What agreeement? where does it state that i can’t cancel my membership? i stated i wasn’t happy with anytime fitness management and services they provide. I complained to Ian the 1st manager during covid that the staff wasn’t following health guidelines. i gone in and people not wearing mask. the staff doesn’t enforce it. because the trainer himself wasn’t wearing a mask, and the managers n staff aren’t customer service oriented. They had a new manager recently that up and quit. she wasn’t very customer service oriented as well. After my communication with jerome the owner, i can see why. What more do i need to justify my reason to want to cancel my membership. Jerome the owner calls me and says “i didn’t read your whole email. i saw what i needed to see and i called you. never asked if it was a good time to talk at 6:00pm. i work nights he calls me during my work hours. did he even take that into consideration? i hung up because he wanted to meet face to face and get this resolved. i told him no. and he didn’t like that answer. so i hung up. i have that right. what is there to resolve? i’m not happy with anytime fitness. i would like to go elsewhere. what more do i need to justify me wanting to cancel my membership? i advise anyone to please do your research before signing up with anytime fitness. this owner owns kaka’ako and Aiea. they will make it difficult to cancel your membership. What valid reason is needed to warrent a valid reason to cancel a membership?

  • 1E. 10 months ago
    My experience; -Amanda targeted me, and only me about having to move my car out of a specific stall (NEXT TO THE EV SPOT NOT IN THE EV SPOT) because they were making changes to those stalls "SOON". My finance went to the gym later that same day and saw that every single stall she demanded I can’t be in, was filled with cars that weren’t EV cars. Now a month later and STILL no changes we're made to those stalls. -Aaron told me on 9/13/2021 I can't cancel my membership because I'm not vaccinated nor do I want to get tested every 2 days just to workout. They will not reimburse us or let us cancel because of that reason. It is NOT in my contract to take a test to use the gym or get vaccinated, it is MY RIGHT to do so. Aaron said they will keep charging us, forcing us to get a test or vaccinated when we stated we no longer want to be members due to these circumstances. Again, that is my RIGHT, and CHOICE not theirs. Anytime fitness is forcing us to stay in our "contract". Aaron was very rude on the phone which led us into an argument. I told him initially I wanted to speak to the owner but wouldnt give me their information, took a message for the owner to call me back.. it's been all day still haven't got a call back. ONLY WAY OUT OF OUR MEMBERSHIP IS TO PAY MORE. UPDATE: spoke to the owners and nothing changed. They said since the gym is open 24hrs they can't cancel our memebership, even though the MANDATE isn't in our contract. I encourage anyone that also doesn't believe this is right to call the BBB.

  • 1Michelle C. 3 months ago
    I was scheduled for a tour of the facility a week ago with the manger there. I showed up but the manager didn't. I left a message with a personal trainer for the manger to call me. But the manager never bothered to call me back. He never apologized for missing the appointment either. This is very unprofessional. Don't waste your money here! No one picks up the phone or answers emails. In addition, anyone can access the gym. There's nothing that prevents nonmembers from using the gym. Anyone can waltz in and use the facility.

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