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1600 Kapiolani Blvd #107, Honolulu, HI 96814



(808) 377-6626

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4.70 (83 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Wednesday: 5AM to 6:45PM
  • Thursday: 5AM to 6:45PM
  • Friday: 5AM to 6:45PM
  • Saturday: 5AM to 6:45PM
  • Sunday: 5AM to 6:45PM
  • Monday: 5AM to 6:45PM
  • Tuesday: 5AM to 6:45PM


Frequently mentioned in reviews: great (6) workout (7) coaches (9) love (9)

  • 5Criscilla L. 1 year ago
    The coach John is the best one. He motivates us a lot and the girls from the reception are always friendly and helpful.

  • 5Michael K. 2 years ago
    Far better than any other gym, in my opinion! No wandering around deciding which muscles to work on, or having to wait for people to finish with the equipment you want to use... Orange Theory workouts are organized, guided, and structured so you don't have to think. The coaches are very personable, focused, and great at keeping the mood of the class fun and serious at the same time. I absolutely love the staff at the front desk, too, for their easygoing, supportive attitude. I always leave my workouts feeling satisfied that I was able to really focus and push myself for an hour. Best feeling.

  • 5Brent V. 10 months ago
    Always a hard workout. Thanks Arma.

  • 5J. N. 1 year ago
    There is nothing more to say but the coaches are all great! Please don’t change!🧡🖤

  • 5Kiana M. 2 years ago
    Amazing staff knows to expect you from the moment you walk in! I came from a cross regional studio, and my workout experience was so consistent with my usual expectations--exceeded, even! I also brought along a friend for her first class, and we got to workout side by side. It was such a great experience, and my friend ended up joining as well! The workouts are always so well thought out and balanced between cardio and strength training, and in really fun ways that have me try new things regularly. OTF Kapiolani is a gem! I will definitely be going back when I'm on Oahu again in the future.

  • 5Sylvia K. 2 years ago
    OT never fails to give me the best workout I can possibly get. No matter which coach I workout with, I leave with at least 500 calories burned!! Would highly recommend. Well worth the money!

  • 5Shawna B. 3 years ago
    I am here visiting from Pittsburgh and i was so joyed when i found out there was an OT by my hotel. Little did i know i would want to stay. I love the coaches, they are amazing. They make you dig deep and push yourself. When you think you’re “pushing” yourself they make you really think about that and dig in. I love it! When i leave there i just want to walk up to a stranger and tell them about it. So they can experience it too!! The work outs are 60 minutes including warm up and stretch. And that’s perfect! I also love that they have focus days and have more cardio then i would do on my own. It forces me to be better then i allow myself to be on my own! LOVE LOVE LOVE this location!!! The people at the desk are always so pleasant, engaging and very kind! I’ve taken class almost every day because i love it so much! Would recommend it 10/10 anytime, any day!

  • 5Darren L. 6 months ago
    I joined Orangetheory Fitness at the Kapiolani location when I first moved to Hawaii in 2017. I signed up for an unlimited membership and was in the best shape of my life after going 3x per week for two months (and I was working out regularly before joining). I was hooked from the first class. The coach-led group fitness classes pushed me to try my hardest and made for some incredibly efficient workouts. The heart rate monitoring system let me keep tabs on my effort levels and made it easy to hold myself accountable and make sure I hit those “push” and “all out” paces. The coaches were all really good too and I still remember them nearly 4.5 years later. They made the classes really positive experiences and I liked how they put in the effort to learn your name and call you out if you’re slacking or holding back (they also check and correct any issues with your form). All around a great experience as an OTF member and I hope to always live near one. PS Coach EK is an awesome coach!

  • 5Margaret K. 3 years ago
    The coaches are amazing and the energy levels are always high. There is so much love and motivation during the workouts and the coaches and peers motivate and push you to reach your fitness goals. A bonus is that the music is always amazing and makes you want to run faster, row harder, and lift more.

  • 5Leslie S. 4 years ago
    I love orange theory, I have worked out @ gyms for 40 years, never one for taking classes. But this is so Motivating and I really push myself. Also all the coaches are great, its like having a personal trainer all the coaches are very detailed and high energy. Front desk people are very friendly and helpful. I also like the people that work @ there, all different ages and back grounds.

  • 5José F. 4 years ago
    Great interval training! Each day bring a different workout. The coaches are fun, knowledgeable, and inspiring. No pressure setting. Clean gym. Love the guided workout, and have seen great results since joining!

  • 5Criscilla K. 2 months ago
    My husband and I signed up on 2021. We just love it! Each coach has a different music style so every time you go, you listen a different type of music. The classes are different each day of the week so you are never training only one specific area of your body. I love that I can travel and still go to the gym of that specific city I am. And overall, all the receptionists are very friendly and welcoming. Couldn’t have chosen a better gym! Definitely it’s worth the price it you are moving your body and get healthier! Thank you OT Kapiolani and other OT around the world!

  • 1J W. 1 year ago
    I went down with a friend to check it out. I was not impressed with the cleanliness.

  • 1Trevor S. 9 months ago
    Some of the worst customer service in the business. Didn’t communicate at all during COVID, unfroze account without any communication so they could charge account. Don’t give them your business.

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