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377 Keahole St, Honolulu, HI 96825




(808) 694-0080

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5.00 (86 reviews)

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  • Friday: 5AM to 7:30PM
  • Saturday: 6 to 11AM
  • Sunday: 7 to 10:30AM
  • Monday: 5AM to 7:30PM
  • Tuesday: 5AM to 7:30PM
  • Wednesday: 5AM to 7:30PM
  • Thursday: 5AM to 7:30PM


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  • 5Misty I. 10 months ago
    I love F45! I've been a member for a few months. Prior to joining F45 I had no experience with weights or any kind of workout equipment. The coaches walk around assist & MOTIVATE you. Workouts are only 45 minutes! F45 has definitely ignite the fire in my body to live a stronger & healthier life style. Best advice - join their yearly fitness challenge. It's FREE to all members. IT'S A GAME CHANGER!

  • 5Sarah K. 10 months ago
    The F45 Hawaii Kai gym is the best I’ve ever been to. The coaches are really sweet and helpful. The facility is always clean and prepared for us to enter. And it’s ocean front what more can you ask for. The workouts are great and it gets the job done. I’ve never felt stronger in my whole life! Most importantly, the staff is always there to help you and make you feel supported and motivated.love them!

  • 5Sean C. 10 months ago
    I'm doing the 6 week challenge. They try to kill me every class but I think I’m a little skinnier and at least I can eat cheese everyday without feeling too guilty. Also the coaches are really nice and motivate you and tell you you’re doing great all the time which is nice because I need constant validation. Thank you. Oh also a pretty view!

  • 5Britanny E. 10 months ago
    F45 Hawaii Kai is amazing! Not only do they act like a big team of friends but they offer something for everyone no matter what level you are at. The coaches are so motivating and there to help you. I am so lucky to have found a gym like this!

  • 5Josie H. 10 months ago
    Of all the F45s, Hawaii Kai is one of the best! There are friendly instructors and you can't beat the amazing view on the water. The bathrooms are clean as well. One of the most effective workouts. I highly recommend this place!

  • 5Lisa a. 11 months ago
    I've been a member for 2 weeks now and I've been getting great workouts. My favorite classes are the 1 hr classes on Saturdays. There's a good balance of weight training and cardio during these classes. The studio is very clean, everyone stays in their designated spaces and I feel I'm in a safe environment. The trainers are also very energetic, always walking around and paying attention to their members. The marina view is a huge bonus!

  • 5Sam G. 11 months ago
    As a former athlete who had two small kids, my body didn’t feel like it was my own. Add in covid anxiety and depression and that’s where I was when I started at F45. The workout is so good. It’s the best use of your 45 minutes, period. I feel stronger after every class. And the instructors! Just when I need that nudge to get me through ONE MORE REP, there they are with an encouraging word or an air five! It’s not pushy or cliquey or intimidating. The owners are the sweetest most genuine people. The environment is welcoming and supportive. They do a great job keeping the facility clean and the view definitely does not suck. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Love this place.

  • 5Meaghan G. 1 year ago
    An amazing environment to become a better version of yourself. The studio has such a strong community around it that they all help you maintain your goals & continue to encourage you to give it your best every single day. From the members who participate in the class, to the coaches who get to know you personally, they all are so kind and welcoming to everyone who comes and works out. My first time taking a class, members in line recognized that I was new and all were interested in getting to know me & congratulated me after my first session. Cant wait to see this community grow even more!

  • 5Tiffany W. 8 months ago
    I LOVE F45 Hawaii Kai! Prior to joining, I was struggling with weight gain and lack of energy for a very long time. I’ve tried a lot of different things but none of them really worked for me. My friend told me about F45, and how it’s the best in the biz. I decided to find out for myself - after three months of working out at F45 Hawaii Kai, I love it! The music is great, the workouts are challenging, the trainers are supportive and the community is amazing! They have lots of fun events and challenges throughout the year. The supportive community that F45 Hawaii Kai creates is truly the best part! I also lost body fat and gained muscle!! I look forward to going to each workout class and have so much fun every time! I am so happy I joined F45 Hawaii Kai!

  • 5Cabasag A. 8 months ago
    Are you ready to have the best workout at the best studio with the best group of people? I started almost a year ago, December 2021 just to change up my routine since I felt what I was doing in terms of physical exercises were not working out for me! Best decision ever! It is the most fun, effective 45 minutes of workout you will ever have! The view & the amazing people I meet just re-affirms my decision! Don’t be afraid! Try it out! I can guarantee you won’t have any regrets & YOU WILL KEEP COMING BACK! Thank you Coaches to all the things you guys do each day to support, motivate & inspire us to do better!

  • 5Shalini S. 5 months ago
    Absolutely love this F45 studio! The owners and trainers all really care and are family oriented. If you’re a member and they don’t see you for a while, they’ll call to check in on you which is so thoughtful and motivating. Music jams are the best and you can’t beat the water/mountain views!!!

  • 5Britney T. 2 months ago
    Dropped in for the free week-long trial. Would have picked up a membership, but then got called out-of-state for work. Heidi was great in accommodating me, and helping me get setup with the scheduling app. Trainers were attentive and knowledgeable. The facility and equipment was clean and maintained, with each station in concise setup, so "getting the hang of" how the class operates was pretty easy. I didn't use the restroom(s?) but it was nice to know they have it. Others in class were very positive and helpful too, esp with getting the hang of "logistics" (how screens display workouts, moving from station to station, etc). And nothing says home quite like this view. Thank you, F45. Until next time, a hui hou! 🌞🤙🏽🌊💪🏽🏝️

  • 5Bonnie C. 5 months ago
    FANTASTIC GYM! I joined F45 Hawaii Kai in Nov 2021. I commute here from Kailua - it's worth it! Super supportive, community based gym. Classes offered at a variety of times, loud energetic music, and the workouts are only 45 min and easy to squeeze in my day. I've made several friends here that I now hang out with outside of the gym too! I absolutely love this place and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  • 5Chelsea M. 2 months ago
    Love, Love, Love F45 Hawaii Kai! All of the coaches are super supportive, knowledgeable and friendly. I love that you’re in and you’re out in 45 minutes- done with your workout for the day. The workouts are always different and challenging. I always feel 100% better after I’m done with a workout from F45. I’ve made so many new friends too! Thank you, F45!

  • 5Mark B. 2 weeks ago
    Best workout on Oahu! This is the first workout program that my wife and I equally enjoy together. The trainers are amazing and F45 includes multiple screens at the front of the gym to help remind you of proper exercise positioning and form. The view during class overlooking the marina is incredible! Highly recommend F45!

  • 5Josh N. 3 months ago
    F45 is the first time that I have really enjoyed fitness. Every other experience like going to the gym was always such a grind. The staff and the members here are super friendly and supportive. No judgment here at all. Been coming here for about 3 weeks and already seeing improvement in strength and endurance. Highly recommend.

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