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556 Reed Ln, Honolulu, HI 96813



(808) 215-5144

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4.90 (302 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Thursday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Friday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Saturday: 7 to 11AM
  • Sunday: 7 to 10AM
  • Monday: 6AM to 7PM


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  • 5jeri m. 9 months ago
    I purchased a week pass for a great CrossFit home away from home experience! The instruction was thorough with a systematic approach to improving strength and proficiency. The visitor portal made it easy to sign up, pay and sign consents ahead of time. When I arrived I was welcomed and included right away! The cleaning and COVID prevention were the best I’ve experienced. I had great workouts and met many other visitors throughout the week. Thank you!!

  • 5M 4. 3 months ago
    Outstanding gym. Programming is great for a short term visitor or a long term resident. The coaches are knowledgeable and engaging, able to coach the absolute beginner or seasoned veteran. They will help anyone reach any particular fitness goal. The facility is first class and can accommodate any fitness requirement. The regular members are friendly and welcoming, making anyone feel at home. If you’re just on a vacation, or have just moved to the area, CrossFit Oahu is the right gym family to join.

  • 5Patrick R. 2 months ago
    I greatly enjoyed my guest workouts at CrossFit Oahu Honolulu. Malachi, our coach those days was engaging, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He instructed us expertly and kept a close eye as we worked out. The other members were friendly and helpful. The workouts were intense and for me, well scaled. The box is well maintained, airy with excellent equipment. I would strongly recommend this gym to locals and drop in guests of all skill and fitness levels.

  • 5guy n. 1 month ago
    Dropped in at CF Oahu for 5 days in early May while back visiting family. My second time dropping in but the first since 2019. Bryant, the coaches and the members were very hospitable. I went at different times pretty much each day and no matter the time, members were friendly. I really like the space at CF Oahu. It's a big space, lots of equipment (in good condition) turf area, rigs, floor space and lifting platforms. I enjoyed the workouts programmed and appreciated I could borrow a vest for Murph training on the Monday I was there. Definitely will go back and would recommend to anyone else visiting Oahu.

  • 5Brian T. 1 month ago
    I’m visiting from California and bought a visitor pass for a week which was $50, very reasonable. I signed up online and it was such a seamless process. 1) The gym facility itself was pretty incredible - all the equipments were up-to-date and in great conditions, and there were ALL the equipments you can ever ask for for conditioning, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, and traditional strength. The facility was spacious, well kept, and ventilated 2) classes are PLENTIFUL! offered 7 days/week, morning till evening. And they are thought by very skilled instructors. 3) open gym are offered based on availability. I went at peak hour 9am, and there were plenty of spaces. What more can you ask for? I was very happy with my experience here

  • 5Maisie W. 6 months ago
    Great place to drop in if you are ever visiting Honolulu!! This crossfit gym is excellent in terms of the space, the classes offered (even a class for the 40+ crowd), and the proximity to Waikiki. Super easy to sign up as a drop in. The owner, coaches, and fellow crossfitters make you feel very welcomed. The only detractor would be Hawaii's current mandatory masks rule inside. I would definitely be back the next time I am in town!!

  • 5Sean K. 5 months ago
    The best CrossFit box to visit in the state of Hawaii! Phenomenal coaching staff and facility. One of my favorite things about CFO is how the workouts include mobility, skill training, and the WOD. You can tell the coaching staff put in a lot of effort in programming the workouts. All of the coaching staff are super friendly and super knowledgeable which makes it enjoyable to everyone! If you’re looking for a box to drop in or start a membership in Oahu, this is the place!

  • 5Takuto W. 6 months ago
    This place is AWESOME! I have been coming to CrossFit Oahu for 3-4 months and I absolutely love this place. I was a complete beginner when it comes to CrossFit, but I am improving quickly thanks to all of the incredible coaches who are friendly and very knowledgeable. I have no clue what Andrew Nyman is talking about. Keola is THE MAN. He is very experienced in olympic weightlifting and has given me countless of pointers and tips which helped improve my form and technique. However, I would have to say that his sister Liz is my favorite coach. Sorry Keola. All kidding aside, I think CrossFit Oahu is a great place to work up a sweat whether you live on the island or just visiting for a few days/weeks.

  • 5Brian M. 6 months ago
    I have been to CrossFit boxes all over the world. And in my mind, CrossFit Oahu is one of the best there is. The layout and equipment is fantastic. Their Covid protocols are excellent. And because of the location on Oahu, their experience with and treatment of drop-ins is top shelf.

  • 5sara s. 5 months ago
    Great Cross Fit gym! I've really enjoyed the past 2 weeks of working out here. The trainers have been great, helping me with my form and helping me to manage all the exercises. I'm new to Cross Fit and recently coming off of a surgery, so I was hesitant, but knew I needed to join a community that would help me to stay safe and accountable. I highly recommend joining this location. It's clean, safe and everyone has been super friendly!

  • 5Chris S. 11 months ago
    Awesome place to workout at. Me and 5 of my friends dropped in for a few days and they were all very friendly and accommodating. Will definitely return in the near future.

  • 5Christopher T. 6 months ago
    Dropped in to this amazing gym when I was on vacation. The coaches gave me a bunch of important tips to improve my performance in addition to be motivating. They are clearly knowledgeable about what it takes to be a superior athlete!! In addition to the awesome coaching, the members were very friendly and welcoming. Such an amazing gym with a great community. Great place to drop in when you need to stay for while on vacation

  • 5Wes M. 4 months ago
    I was extremely happy to find CrossFit Oahu while on vacation in Honolulu! The facility is great and the drop in process is super easy. Pick the date you’ll be there, complete the paperwork online and you can pay online too! It took just a few minutes. Class was fun and the people were super nice. I hope to be back in Honolulu for another vacation and will definitely be coming back here!

  • 5Tammy B. 1 year ago
    Dropped into CrossFit Oahu and I was super impressed with how organized, clean and super friendly everyone was. I have dropped into many boxes before but by far this one was the BEST! I highly recommend this box to all in town. The owner of this CrossFit has definitely gone out of his way to make visitors welcome. The text messages were an added bonus of helpful suggestions on hikes, etc. Thanks so much for your hospitality and Aloha spirit.

  • 5Ashley K. 1 year ago
    The CrossFit community is always second to none, but CrossFit Oahu certainly did not disappoint!! CrossFit Oahu became my home away from home for the 2 weeks I spent on the island. The space was big, beautiful and airy. The coaches were knowledgeable and in-tune to their athletes (special shout out to Bryant and Malachi). The members were so friendly and welcoming to drop ins like me; and the equipment was solid and plentiful, which allowed for so much freedom and mods, as needed. It is evident Bryant and his staff take pride and care in all they do! I will definitely be back to drop in if I am ever on the island again! Thanks so much for adding to my wonderful experience in Hawaii!🤙

  • 5Tiffany J. 11 months ago
    Dropped in here for a week while traveling. Love the space! Bryant, the head coach and owner was welcoming and fun and has thought of everything in terms of equipment and use of space. The workouts were great--tough and varied. The sign up process was extremely easy! Suggest getting there early as certain classes do get pretty full and as a drop in, you don’t want to be scrambling for space or equipment!

  • 5Michael M. 1 year ago
    Fantastic experience for a 2 day drop in . Staff & members made me feel like I was at my home box. Lots of encouragement. Highly recommend for some "work" during vacation. Clean & super well equipped. New app for members looks great.. Wish I didn't live 2400 miles away.

  • 5G. 11 months ago
    Great place to drop in! Staff is extremely welcoming and the drop in process is the most user friendly I’ve experienced so far! Dropped in multiple times during our stay! 😊

  • 5Gerardo G. 1 year ago
    Great place to drop in for your fix of CrossFit. Everyone is extremely friendly, coaching is second to none, equipment and weights are well taken care of. Highly recommended

  • 5David M. 10 months ago
    Stopped in to train while on vacation. They were very friendly and accommodating. 10/10

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