Kuleana Fitness - Gym in Honolulu, United States

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2463 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826




(808) 285-5200

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4.90 (71 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Wednesday: 6 to 10AM, 4 to 9PM
  • Thursday: 6 to 10AM, 4 to 9PM
  • Friday: 6 to 10AM, 4 to 7PM
  • Saturday: 6:45 to 10:15AM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 6 to 10AM, 4 to 9PM
  • Tuesday: 6 to 10AM, 4 to 9PM


Frequently mentioned in reviews: class (6) welcoming (7) open (7)

  • 5Talbott P. 11 months ago
    This gym is great. I paid the drop in price to come for a whole week since I'm just visiting. The coaches and people there are all very welcoming and helpful. If you're just visiting and need a gym to go to for the week I recommend coming here!

  • 5Frank J. 4 years ago
    Traveled through Hawaii during the Open and this crew was amazing. Super friendly, their gear is top notch and they were awesomely motivating. Can't wait to visit again. Thanks yall!

  • 5Jim H. 3 years ago
    Great outdoor Box. Dropped in from Seattle and felt right at home. Solid coaching, gritty WOD. Perfect!

  • 5Josh W. 2 years ago
    Dropped in at CrossFit Kuleana while in town for work. The unique outdoor facility was really nice. Coach Edison did an awesome job leading our Veterans Day hero workout, Bert. It was a grind with a fun group and beautiful weather, can't ask for much more than that. If you're not lucky enough to be local, drop on it and check it out!

  • 5Don L. 2 years ago
    Dropped in once while on vacation. Loved the outdoor vibe. Why work inside when you have this weather all year?! Paul was very welcoming, and Bobby was a great coach. Would come back when I’m next in Oahu.

  • 5Jesse W. 3 years ago
    Dropped in while travelling through Waikiki (less than a 30 minute run/walk). Super welcoming members and awesome coaching! I went to the 5:00; class a was a good size to keep up the intensity, but I got my own squat rack and individual coaching.

  • 5Andrew F. 3 years ago
    Awesome box and incredibly welcoming community! Box is super unique with a portion being outdoors, allowing you to get some sun while pushing through a workout. Very responsive staff and easy process to drop-in for visitors (definitely snag a shirt)! Highly recommend making a visit if you are in Honolulu and want to meet some great people.

  • 5Eve V. 2 years ago
    Dunn, open air environment. Great workouts with great coaches.

  • 5Rob Y. 5 months ago
    I dropped by this cool mostly-outdoor space to squeeze in a workout while traveling (sticking to the program as much as possible!) and I’d visit again. They have all the equipment you’d expect of a CrossFit facility even if you’re not doing their WOD or CrossFit, which works well for anyone looking for barbells and open space. Their open gym hours overlap during their class times so it was cool to see what the class was doing (the CrossFit open workout that had just been streamed). Coach was welcoming and showed me where to find all the stuff. Masks weren’t required because the space was mostly open air (with a part roof/covering), though some people wore them. As far as parking it looks like some class members parked on the street nearby, though I took rideshare.

  • 5E M. 6 months ago
    In town for 30 days for work. Very welcoming and good programming. Lots of class options made it easy with my work schedule. I'm not a fan of wearing a mask, ever, especially when working out. This is an open air crossfit location that does not require you to wear a mask. Rain was never an issue.

  • 5RX L. 8 months ago
    Aloha guys I had an amazing experience in your gym, very tight and OPEN community. Felt like home the first day, can't be more welcomed with Marissa (enjoyed her as a coach too, super funny and professionnal). Same with Noah, super cool guy. We use the open gym almost everyday as well as classes here and there, both service were runned perfectly. Each time, someone from your staff were there to check us in and say hi, even if it was not the coach. Your members are super cool too. We can feel all the work you did here. Great job !!! I will recommend your place to everyone :D Mahalo

  • 5Mits K. 10 months ago
    The coaches and members are extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this gym for both residents and visitors.

  • 5Santiago C. 2 months ago
    Awesome spot! Great setup, workout and the coach was very nice and welcoming!

  • 5Chris L. 4 years ago
    The staff was super helpful, and the coach ran a great class with individual attention to each athlete. I can't say enough good about this place. The programming seems well-rounded, and everyone checks their ego at the door. Thanks for making me feel so welcome!

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