Anytime Fitness Aiea - Fitness center in Honolulu, United States

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99-084 Kauhale St suite a-1, Aiea, HI 96701, United States



+1 808-200-1400

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4.00 (34 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours


  • 5Hawaii S. 3 years ago
    I am very impressed with the facilities is here. Grace gave me a tour of the place today and it is a obvious that this really good gym that truly cares about its members. They occupy two floors and are very nicely and organized. They have different fitness sections of the the gym focused on different aspects of physical fitness. This place is sparkling clean, I love it! I also love the fact that they are open 24 hours! Can't wait to try their yoga!

  • 5Susan F. 3 years ago
    As a newly retired person, I wanted to get active and exercise to strengthen my body. I stumbled upon Anytime Fitness and was drawn to it's smaller, more personal setting. Access to the gym is really easy and the facilities are awesome! I eventually took the bold step of signing up for a personal trainer to help guide me through the process and it's been so worth it! Working with Tim Summers is amazing! He is the most positive and encouraging person to work with and he's always interested in what's important to me. Even though I'm new to using gym equipment and a bit apprehensive, he's been encouraging and helps me to understand the how to do stuff and why I'm doing it. Tim's an amazing coach! So glad I have a place like Anytime Fitness to come and work out in - it's definitely a safe, friendly environment!

  • 4D. 1 year ago
    The facility was clean and neat.parking is adequate. The personnel is great!

  • 2James S. 1 year ago
    The only good thing about this gym is that it’s open 24 hours. There isn’t a lot of equipment and you have to wait a lot to use what you want. I usually wait till 10 pm to go because it’s always so busy before then. Even sometimes at 10 pm it’s busy. It doesn’t seem like they clean very much at this location. Everytime I go to the bathrooms they are dirty and people leave their personal belongs in there that I’d rather not see or touch… there has been a blue loofah in the bathroom for weeks now… so gross. Always hair and dirty sinks / walls and toilets. You’d think with us having to wear masks that the employees would do their part and disinfect the bathrooms/ vacuum the gym floors. Lately there have been leaks in the gym with buckets under them. And I’ve seen roaches. I might switch to another gym if things don’t change.

  • 1Kobi A. 1 year ago
    Please do not be like me and just read the positive reviews and ignore the negative reviews. They all tell the same story. Imagine going to this gym and all of a sudden, life happens. You want to cancel your membership but apparently it’s a mafia you can’t leave. They will change your account status to “pending cancellation” and continue to charge you even though you haven’t stepped foot inside for months and months. Even car insurance companies make it way easier to leave than this place. You’re probably going to ignore this review but I had to let it be known mediocre gyms like this who are also money hungry are the worst. I had to file a complaint through Better Business Bureau. Hopefully I can get out of this gang life of a gym club and get some type of refund. It’s been 4 months.

  • 1Joenny B. 11 months ago
    Be mindful in signing the membership contract thats two years without vervaly disclosing it .Find it in the contract but too late. If only I knew it I didnt sign it ,fault haha.

  • 1Kapono K. 1 year ago
    I am highly disappointed in the management at this location. I was told I was sponsored by this gyn from upper management and have still paid all dues, supplements and meals. I asked for merchandise to show off and was told i would get it when i looked more of the part. Do you know what this does to ones mind that lives the lifestyle? Talk about cutting one down. This gym allows interns to walk around without masks, people to work out barefooted or without shoes. Music is played with cuss and racial slurs. I have talked to upper about this and nothing is done.

  • 1Grace T. 1 year ago
    Don't sign up for this place, take your money elsewhere that truly cares for their customer. They don't care that you lost your job during this time of pandemic, they don't care that you have no income, they don't care that the worldwide pandemic is hurting people. At the time of signing up they will say "you can cancel at any time" which is a LIE because when you do try to cancel, they will say "the only way they can cancel is if you have a physicians note saying you can't workout or your death or moved so-so many miles way" All they want to do is tell you "well I can't just let you out of the contract" and freeze your account for the possible future you can get a job that pays half of what you used to make and struggle with all the other bills you have to keep up and catch up.

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