Expansive gym with basketball courts JBPHH Fitness Center - Gym in Honolulu, United States

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1071 N Rd #1338, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96860, United States




+1 808-471-2019

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4.40 (378 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 5AM to 8:30PM
  • Saturday: 7AM to 5PM
  • Sunday: 7AM to 5PM
  • Monday: 5AM to 8:30PM
  • Tuesday: 5AM to 8:30PM
  • Wednesday: 5AM to 8:30PM
  • Thursday: 5AM to 8:30PM


  • 5Brian B. 11 months ago
    Still open for working out. No locker room or shower facilities are available and they are at reduced capacity. Still a very nice facility.

  • 5Philip F. 1 year ago
    Only active duty allowed. Only 60 people allowed in at once. Must wear a mask the entire time. No floor exercises/stretches allowed ( eg. pushups or sit ups ) Super clean. Closed M-F from 0900-1000 and 1400-1500 for deep cleaning. Closed 1100-1200 on weekends. When you walk in you grab you own personal spray bottle of disinfectant so you can spray down everything after you use it. TOWELS ARE NOT PROVIDED ANYMORE, IF YOU WANT A TOWEL YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN. Also locker rooms are not available anymore either. Some racks are closed off for social distancing purposes. Only one person per cable machine as well.

  • 5Samuel T. 1 year ago
    This might be the best Navy gym I've seen. So clean, so new looking!

  • 5robert r. 1 year ago
    Great DOD gym. Lots of machines, free weights, Cardio, and the CrossFit section is growing. Show ID.. Bring your own towel and water bottle.

  • 5Justin B. 11 months ago
    Fantastic setup, decent social distancing guidelines and availability.

  • 4Monica Ceja C. 10 months ago
    Lots of parking, convenient location and facility is really clean. Lots of open equipment despite every other treadmill being blocked off due to covid protocols. Open area for weight lifting is nice, and although it's kind of busy from 11am-1230pm, it's not packed. And yes, MASKS MUST BE WORK AT ALL TIMES except on the treadmill while walking or running.

  • 2richard l. 11 months ago
    Gym is always packed, as all gyms in Hawaii are due to high population in small area. There’s not much equipment for your basic lifts (bench, deadlift, squat) so if you’re a dedicated traditional lifter then this probably isn’t the place to go, unless you don’t mind waiting 10-20 min for people to finish their set at the stations. However this gym does have a lot of other things that crossfitters use so that’s good I guess

  • 1Kyle B. 1 year ago
    Probably the worst management in a gym I've ever been to. Goofy rules and regulations. We don't have to wear masks but they still have half the squat racks closed yet all the machinery in the middle is open. Also no spotters which is just dangerous. That being said all the floor employees are very nice and make sure everything is clean.

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