The Mango Tree Fitness and Martial Arts - Martial arts school in Honolulu, United States

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1215 Center St, Honolulu, HI 96816



(808) 208-7433

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5.00 (93 reviews)

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  • Friday: 10AM to 8PM
  • Saturday: 10AM to 3PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Tuesday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Thursday: 10AM to 9PM


Frequently mentioned in reviews: great (6) Mango (6) train (7) place (7) training (7) class (7) Rich (8) welcoming (9) Muay (10) Thai (10)

  • 5l. 1 year ago
    Very excellent coaches who will give you a good workout and train you in practical Muay Thai techniques for self defense and sport. One of the best workouts I have attended and I have done Muay Thai in multiple states.

  • 5D T. 1 year ago
    If you are looking to compete or just get in shape this is the place for you. Coach Rich has a great eye for talent and he really finds time for everyone here. They don’t just teach you how to fight here, we learn how to win. Love this place!

  • 5Dillon C. 1 year ago
    great place to start off your training everyone’s very helpful and welcoming

  • 5Hailey H. 1 year ago
    Great class format. Very welcoming team.

  • 5Kendra L. 1 year ago
    Great Muay Thai program!! Really feels like a family when you’re there, everyone pushing each other. Very welcoming for any level - beginners, competitors, and people just looking for fitness and health. Would recommend 5/5

  • 5Jesmesh M. 2 years ago
    While visiting Hawaii, I found the mango tree at last minute and ran in there several minutes after class started. Coach Rich let me jump in ( even though I wouldn't even let me come in late if I were him) and one of his students helped me catch up. I could tell, since I've had so many coaches, that coach Rich pays special attention to his students and has a vast amount of knowledge in Muay Thai as well as Fitness. I am so thankful allowed me into that class - I got a good sweat and learned a new technique I had never tried before that seems to be effective. I intend to go back because it was such a cool Vibe and such friendly people. Thank you, y'all.

  • 5Rosa A. 2 years ago
    Training at Mango Tree has been an awesome change in my workout. I do one on one training with Zach. He is not only patient but knowledgeable in what he is teaching me. It’s a great change of pace since my normal routine consists of going to the gym and running. My goal isn’t to enter fights, but more to expand on self defense skills. I’m excited to see how much I will progress in the coming months

  • 5Miles O. 1 year ago
    The Mango Tree is awesome, I have learned so much training here and they are so welcoming to new comers. They do a great job of making everyone feel like they belong and everyone there wants to see you get better!

  • 5Dann C. 4 months ago
    I'm only on the island staying in Waikiki for the week, but wanted to find somewhere to train and bring my son while I'm here. I was very pleased to find The Mango Tree. Rich is a class act and so is his team. They exude the true aloha and Muay Thai spirit and were very welcoming. They made me and my son feel right at home. Rich's students have great technique because they obviously focus on fundamentals, which is what I find very important. I definitely recommend them and look forward to training with them when I return.

  • 5Torcuato Ysidoro T. 3 months ago
    Was on island for a while to take care of family. The Mango Tree took me in like I was one of their own. Everyone was welcoming and the training was top notch. Best place to train Muay Thai on Oahu, hands down. Really happy to see people so dedicated to developing Muay Thai on the island and representing Hawaii abroad. Thank you again for everything and hope to see you guys again soon. 🙏🤙

  • 5Kaimana S. 1 month ago
    Back on Oahu for vacation and wanted to hit a Muay Thai gym. Everyone recommended this gym, so today I tried out a class. Called in first and coach Rich gladly said I can come to class. Everyone was welcoming and friendly and of course, learned some new techniques. Glad I came to this gym. Much Mahalo’s

  • 5Jason M. 1 month ago
    This place is WONDERFUL and if you're looking for a place to train in the Waikiki area, look no further. Coach AJ and the owner Kru Rich treated us like family. We did a private session with Coach AJ and he made my son feel so comfortable learning some sparring tactics. The owners wife also works with individuals with overall MMA fitness and diets etc. For a phenomenal training experience, this place trains people in a fun, family oriented fundamentally sound environment. More power to and much Love to Mango Muay Thai and MMA fitness. Mahalo and MABUHAY mga kababayan!!!

  • 5Adrian V. 1 month ago
    Dropped in last minute for a session, I'm Flight Crew who came in on short notice and Kru Rich let me in despite. Kru Anthony conducted the class and was really welcoming and chill. I've dropped in in numerous gyms through the country and this one had the chillest vibe around. Can't wait to train here again, thanks Mango Tree team for exhibiting the aloha spirit and supporting your local community. (Edited for typos and grammatical errors).

  • 5Skye S. 2 months ago
    Best gym in Hawaii to train Muay Thai, the coaches are very experienced, the students work hard, as well as a friendly and welcoming environment.

  • 5Adam B. 1 month ago
    Absolutely Loved training here! Coach Rich and everyone that trains here are amazing showed great hospitality! The facility is top tier and I hope to train here again!

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