Vital Fitness by Rey Ronquilio - Personal trainer in Honolulu, United States

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250 Ward Ave # 206, Honolulu, HI 96814



(808) 781-1133

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5.00 (46 reviews)

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  • Friday: 8AM to 7PM
  • Saturday: 8AM to 4PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 8AM to 7PM
  • Tuesday: 8AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday: 8AM to 7PM
  • Thursday: 8AM to 7PM


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  • 5Jeff H. 2 years ago
    You’re not going to find a better coach, trainer and fitness mentor than Rey. I’ve sought his advice and guidance for over 20 years and he is stays on the cutting edge of advancements in the fitness world. I am Physician Assistant, and I still reach out to him with patients that aren’t meeting their fitness goals. You simply won’t find anyone with more knowledge, compassion and desire to see his clients succeed. He is the best.

  • 5Marie W. 2 years ago
    Rey is a gem! He's so knowledgeable, personal and patiently listens to all your concerns to help create a fitness/nutrition plan to personally fit you. He's always positive, very encouraging and challenges you to go beyond what you think you can only do. You want to live healthier and happier? Rey is your man!

  • 5Andy R. 2 years ago
    From fitness to wellness, bodybuilding to weight loss, nutrition to life coach, & everything in between, Rey Ronquilio is the trainer, coach, & friend you are looking for. I’ve personally referred more than half a dozen friends to Rey. Of those I’ve referred, 3 scheduled a consultation with him & have been clients ever since. The other 7 people I’ve referred are scared of improving their lives. You only have one body your entire life. Show it some respect and hire the right person to meet & exceed your personal goals. That person is Rey Ronquilio! One last thing, he trains his clients in the privacy of a private studio. So don’t worry about those creeps or being judged while at a public gym.

  • 5Jax K. 4 years ago
    I love working out with Rey. I’ve worked with others before and he is the most patient trainer. He explains step by step-every detail and really cares in helping you with your goal. He also helps with your diet plan. He is truly a caring trainer and not in it just to make money. He truly loves what he does.

  • 5Diana Jackson O. 5 years ago
    Excellent. Best personal trainer ever had. Very professional, knowledgeable and guarantee you will get the results, just show up. I have been training for years with other fitness professionals around the US and abroad. I live mostly in New York and have access to the top fitness facilities yet no one comes close to Rey. Its a whole package of fitness and nutrition. Best value in the industry and safe.

  • 5Thompson P. 3 years ago
    I couldn't be more happier with my decision! Not only is Rey extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness, he is VERY kind. He definitely makes you feel comfortable. He takes his times to understand what your goal is, and he will get you there!

  • 5Adrian V. 2 years ago
    The best experience on the island for a bodybuilder or any fitness enthusiasts. Very professional.

  • 5Delsina W. 4 years ago
    Ray is one of the most caring trainers I have ever known. His knowledge is immense and he always made me feel capable of achieving my goal. I could have Never won as much as I did in bodybuilding without his coaching.

  • 5Brison L. 5 years ago
    Rey is an amazing mentor, teacher, and trainer! Very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Takes the time to cater to your specific needs and goals. Whatever your fitness or nutrition goals may be, Rey will provide you with all that you need to acheive your goals. Happy to have such a great and reputable trainer like Rey!

  • 5Jen W. 3 years ago
    Rey is an amazing trainer with so much experience to offer. I was incredibly grateful I found his details online and booked the sessions for my holiday, visiting from Australia. His approach is tailored. Rather than throwing me into a session he sat down and went through my needs, and immediately identified the one thing holding me back from getting rid of unwanted belly fat was to implement a diet with many meals and protein with each meal. He took my measurements to ascertain total body fat and explained the math formula for how to lose. He didn't charge me for the consultation. He then planned stages of development and I learnt the importance of stretching before training - Rey explained fascia and the need to roll it out. Rey was very careful in showing me how to roll out and I took lots of notes and some videos of how to do properly. Since then my posture has come a long way and I'm not hurting myself using equipment- after cross fit training I was in agony rolling out my fascia with Reys guidance. My joints are so much better now. Rey emailed me my diet plan. He is such a lovely man and professional. You won't find a greater life coach... extraordinarily great value for money if you have discipline and the desire to improve your health. No judgement. Full encouragement. God bless you Rey 😊❤⭐

  • 5Kris Y. 4 years ago
    Working with Rey made a huge difference in my personal fitness journey. I was in a long plateau and Rey shared his knowledge and experience to ignite my workout and diet. I’m on a good path which is very exciting—Mahalo Rey! You’re a true Professional and Motivator!

  • 5Tanshia D. 10 months ago
    Rey is super encouraging in my weight loss. I enjoy going to work out with him. I would recommend him to others.

  • 5Jordan H. 4 years ago
    Rey is an amazing personal trainer. I have done two sessions with him so far; first was my free consultaion, and the second was designed for diet, stretching and posturing. Within that short time I have learned so much about my body. Rey is incredibly knowledgeble in his craft, and he always explains the why and reason with his teachings.

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