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825 Ilaniwai St, Honolulu, HI 96813




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4.70 (79 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 8AM to 11PM
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  • 5Lydia G. 1 year ago
    Absolutely amazing gym, some of the friendliest and most helpful people you'll meet! Some friends and I took the learn to climb class with Anthony and I couldn't recommend it more!! Such a fun atmosphere, I'll be spending a good amount of time here moving forward!

  • 5Robert O. 9 months ago
    This new gym feels like home already! Lots of space to get your climb on. Knowledgeable staff, and friendly people make climbing a marvelous third space. I was ecstatic to find a gym with ropes as well as boulders.

  • 5Gil G. 6 months ago
    Amazing place, the staff is very welcoming and will gladly help you with any climbing questions. HiClimb members also have access to their gym and free yoga classes provided daily. Internet and a cafeteria, also included, allow you to chill and catch up on whatever while you watch everyone on the rocks down below! Membership is 100.00 dollars a month with an initial deposit of 100.00 upfront.

  • 5Shannon V. 10 months ago
    So much fun! Great workout.

  • 5Gabriel Y. 1 year ago
    A must see addition to the Kakaako experience, this 17,000 sq/ft facility will have all kinds of rock climbing and fitness activities along with new climber lessons, yoga and more. They'll also be hosting a built in Cafe serving high end coffee, workout smoothies, low-sugar protein packed acai bowls and rotating grab and go meals. Parking: Halekauwila, Kamani and Ahui st have lots of free street parking. Mother Waldren Park is great for after work hour parking. Public Paid Parking available next door at the huge parking structure.

  • 5Jeiel S. 11 months ago
    A fun little climbing gym with a homey feel. Great route setting, friendly staff, nice people all around. Couldn’t recommend it more.

  • 5Joseph B. 1 year ago
    Good variety of bouldering routes. They have top rope and lead climbing too. Nice location and facility, parking garage right next door. Staff and owners are really nice. If you're a climber you'll enjoy yourself here. Hoping they put up a moon board, campus board, and hang boards soon!

  • 5Shane X. 1 year ago
    Great staff! Great experience! Parking is a bit of a hassle though so either get dropped off or park somewhere near and walk over. Visit website to pre fill forms so you can get climbing sooner!

  • 5Tyler N. 11 months ago
    Love this place! It is so big! I think its the biggest one on island and it has so many different routes and it is just wonderful! The people are super friendly and outgoing, creating a supportive atmosphere! They almost always have gear and supplies that cna be bought. And love the little coffee shop!

  • 5zain z. 1 year ago
    One of the best rock climbing gyms I’ve had the pleasure of going to! The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable, Anthony, Tyler and Devin and honestly the whole crew make this place amazing. They currently have three auto belay systems in the back, buddy belaying around the center you can get certified to experience, and a whole lot of bouldering all around! The yoga studio and weight letting section will be opening soon as well! Water bottle refill station, lockers and an awesome little cafe that has good açaí bowels and coffee! The Taco truck right outside called Mo Tacos is also one of my favorite taco spots on the island, try the steak or shredded pork tacos. Overall come to HiClimb, it’s honestly like a adult Disneyland for climbers and adventure seekers!

  • 4Ashley W. 6 months ago
    Nice place, good attitudes, helpful. Bad parking situation. This place could house many more boulder problems than it does. Also a weird grading system that the color of the holds = the difficulty of the problem rather than just attaching a difficulty card/rating like other gyms. Seems that it limits the variety of problems that could be set imho

  • 4Harry C. 3 months ago
    TLDR: Day pass price is nuts, but I get that they’re trying to build out and need people to move towards a monthly membership which is a normal, fair rate. Just sucks for the day pass visitors. But overall a gym worth checking out! Membership is the way to go if you’re a local. I would 100% climb here regularly and enjoy it if I lived here. Good community, good gym. If you’re a local, you have to come here. This gym will just keep getting better. It has so much more potential, and they need your support! Positives: First of all, this is a nice, clean gym with a very friendly staff. Nice walls, holds, mats, and a good facility all around. Everything is clean and well maintained. It has a cafe and a small study area. It has an okay gym / weight area. There’s bouldering and rope climbing. And there are several auto belays! Very few gyms have auto belays back home (I’m from the SF Bay Area). This is a huge huge plus IMO. My home gym has auto belays which I use all the time to get laps in. Not needing a partner is so convenient. Could use improvement: The route setting itself is decent, but the problems are limited and not as plentiful for the amount of space there is. I don’t like messy, full walls, but I think they could add a lot more problems to make it feel less sparse. Downside IMO: Anytime I travel I’ll bring my shoes to try out different gyms with my kids. I looked up the prices online first and it was $38 for a day pass. I told my kids not to come… haha. So I left them behind with my wife and went by myself. The staff member said it’s $26 since it’s my first time when I showed up. That was nice, but I wish that was on the website (maybe I missed it?) so I could have brought 2 of my kids. But the $38 is a huge huge turn off. Even the nicest, decked out gyms in the Cali Bay Area are $30 for day passes, so $38 is pretty insane. I legitimately was about to drive an extra 20 mins to go to Oahu Bouldering (been there before) for their prices which are much more fair but opted to try here since I’ve never been. Another negative (not the gym’s fault) is the parking. There is a parking structure next to the gym but it’s $1.50 per half hour. Since I wanted to get my day pass worth it, I stayed for 3 hours… so that added another $9 to the gym session. I live for climbing so a lot of prices don’t bother me (I’ll even do double memberships to climb at 2 gyms), but $38 + rental (if you need) + parking = ☠️ But besides the prices.. all in all, a good gym!

  • 3Jason A. 4 months ago
    I’ll start by saying I really wish I could give this place more stars. When we first walked in, the gym seemed to have a good vibe, the staff was friendly, the manager was great and the walls looked cool but that’s where my positive experience unfortunately ends. My girlfriend and I were visiting over spring break and each got a day pass. Nearly $80 for us both to climb for a few hours is insanely high. Luckily we brought our gear otherwise we would’ve had to pay another $20. We’ve been climbing seriously for most of our lives and these sets seemed awkward and lacked flow or any creative movement. The variety of styles were severely lacking and there was a lot of unused space. I initially thought this was a COVID concern but the rope wall was packed in and for the price we were paying we had hoped there would be more variety of boulders. Aside from the cost, this gym has the customer experience part down so props there, they could just use some help in the setting department.

  • 3Chemistry F. 8 months ago
    I’m an indoor climber for the last ~ 5 years and regularly climbing 2-4 times a week during those years. I visited the HiClimb gym few times with my partner while on vacations in Hawaii. Pros: I think the only gym with ropes in Oahu. Gym is focused on bouldering, good selection of boulder problems. Fitness, workout section on the site. Long hours 8am-11pm Cons: It’s more expensive compare to my home-gym in the Bay Area. Located in a shady looking neighborhood with hard to find parking. Mostly boulders, not many top ropes or lead routes. Overall the gym is small in compare with other places in US mainland. The rope climbing section is “packed” and routes are narrow and close to each other. This has strong implications on the route setting. Many routes have to be climbed “awkwardly sideway”. We found the rating to be inconsistent as often we would onsite 5.11c and then fall on 5.10b but hey maybe those were not our style. Route setting is done for taller people, I found that shorter women would struggle immensely on few climbs. Climbing walls are made of plywood that is quite scratchy and rough. It ate my shoes quite fast. Please put more fans, it’s so fricking humid :) Overall, an OK gym for my vacation workout but falls short in compare with what you can see in other places.

  • 3Eliot R. 3 months ago
    Experienced gym climber, visited once. Overall impressed with the facility, it's a modern climbing gym with a very large bouldering wall. The lead, top rope and auto belay section is very small and not very tall. I did not try any of these, but I did boulder for 3 hours. The whole gym is new, the holds are modern and super grippy. They have some volumes which have good texture. The walls are pretty smooth, so there isn't much opportunity for smearing. Unfortunately the routesetting is not very good - it felt like a lot of problems were sandbagged or misgraded. I attempted about 80% of the problems in the gym. I was not able to complete many of the problems at the grade levels I usually climb at. The biggest downside is that they grade based on the color of the holds, which severely limits the route setters ability to be creative. For example, yellow holds are graded V0-V2, which is a massive spectrum, nearly beginner through intermediate, and so the majority of people coming to visit here are limited to only the yellow hold problems which are not very diverse in their style, mostly jugs. The more difficult grade levels did have a few interesting problems with interesting holds, but generally I felt it would be impossible to project any of these in one session. I do hope they can improve the setting because this facility is gorgeous and has so much potential. The crowd was super friendly and they had good tunes, a fully equiped climbing store with a huge selection of hard to find shoes. Oahu is lucky to have this gym and I'd return the moment I visit the island again.

  • 2Elchu B. 4 months ago
    I love this gym but agree with the previous review about the lack of creativity and believe this is because there isn’t enough holds per color to make better climbs. For example, Orange are usually juggy, slightly harder blues that require more body tension. Blacks tend to be compression climbs. Greens and above are just crimpy. One limitation is that beginners can’t progress crimps because they don’t practice crimping at the lower grades, and are suddenly required to full crimp from Orange to Black. Let’s get some juggy crimpy blues and oranges in the mix! Another fantastic way to produce higher quality climbs is to note the route setter for each climb. Route setters should be proud of their work and creativity! This creates accountability of setting good climbs, challenging them to become better route setters. It also builds a stronger community as climbers begin to recognize each setters style. I always enjoyed chatting and praising setters for an awesome problem. Please please please get more holds and empower route setters to be proud of their work. Give them more time and put their names on the climb. Perhaps management doesn’t give route setters enough time to set?

  • 1Brandon M. 2 months ago
    Lots of potential, not quite there yet. Clean, open area, friendly staff, seems geared towards beginners. Bouldering routes are lacking, half the wall is bare and the routes that are there lack creativity and unique holds and don't seem catered to advanced climbers. Training gym feels cramped if there are more than 2 people trying to use weights or bars. This gym not worth the price at all if you've been to other climbing gyms before. I see so much potential, just hire better route setters and buy more holds with those 100 dollar a month memberships. Edit: 1 star. Cancelled membership in person 6 weeks ago and emailed personal support but they just keep charging $103 every month.

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