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  • Wednesday: 6AM to 8:30PM
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  • 5Chelsea A. L. 10 months ago
    Parado Power is a GREAT GYM! Atmosphere: Spacious with lots of windows and fans to help with circulation. I feel that it is a friendly and non-judgmental gym with fellow gym goers being respectful, especially wearing masks properly throughout workouts. Blake, Keri, and the rest of the Parado Power staff are really nice and helpful. Cleanliness: One of the cleanest gyms I've ever been to. I've been to several private / smaller gyms and they seemed to be dirty and messy. Parado Power is the opposite - clean and neat! At the door, you take your temperature and wipe the bottom of your shoes. They have sanitizer and cleaning stations throughout the gym making cleaning easy for everyone. Owners Blake and Keri put in a lot of work to create a gym environment where the gym members / clients feel comfortable and safe, while still having fun. They are always on it and its clear to see how important their clients are to them. It is very much appreciated!! Equipment: Mostly free weights with lots of variety! You will not be bored. The equipment is in great shape and is constantly being cleaned. Parking: Lots of parking! They validate for the first 90 minutes. Workouts: Challenging & fun. If you sign up for group classes, every single class is different which is great and it's always stimulating. If you sign up for the semi personal training sessions, prepare to become much stronger than you ever were. For both programs, whatever level of fitness you are, Blake will help you improve and become a better you. Other: Scheduling your classes / sessions are very easy because of the Parado Power app. There's a chilled filtered water filing station to quench your thirst. TLDR: Parado Power is an amazing gym run by people who care that provide challenging workouts. Try it out soon because the only workout you'll regret is the one you didn't do (at Parado Power)!

  • 5Kameron K. 1 year ago
    As the state is starting to open up, I was curious to see how Blake was planning to resume his workout classes while sticking to safe and clean protocols. I was pleased to find out that each person who is taking the class was given a sanitizing spray bottle with a towel/paper towel for cleaning our designated area AND each weight(s) we are using for working out. On top of that, I was fortunate to take a class with one of his new trainers. Her name is Nicole, and I gotta say that SHE WORKED OUR A**es OFF! She got fresh new workout routines that challenged us and made us hurt (in a good way). Over all, I’m pleased at how classes are ran and the new trainers.

  • 5Phillip L. 2 years ago
    Parado Power have been my go-to gym for the past two years… and counting. The gym is catered to all ages (I mean you have older folks who does lunges better than me) and fitness levels; from folks who just starting to get serious about their health to people who compete in competitions. Blake explains and shows you how to perform each exercise. He rather see you in proper form than hitting a high number of reps. No contracting fees, no new member fees, no hidden fees, not like the other gyms around the island that charges you like you’re about to rent a place. You get to try out the classes. Everyone in class is friendly and you don’t feel intimidated. You can sign up for classes through the web or an app on the phone which is convenient. The gym is very clean, there are stations all over the gym that have bottles of hand sanitizers, bottles disinfectant solution and wipes, and paper towels to wipe down the equipment. Blake and Keri also does a thorough cleaning of the entire gym and equipment! The gym is well ventilated, ceiling to floor windows, and industrial fans keep the airflow going so there no stagnant air circulating. The gym is the real deal! GO and see for yourself.

  • 5Raquel T. 1 year ago
    To say that training at Parado Power saved my life--both literally and figuratively--would be an understatement. Due to a series of serendipitous events, working out at the gym lead me discover I had a rare disease necessitating major surgery. I was able to work out before the surgery and got into great shape beforehand. About 12 weeks after my surgery when I got the all clear from my doctor, I started back up at the gym. Blake was so great in tailoring a routine to help me build strength as I recovered and he never pushed me too hard. About 1.5 years after my surgery I'm in the best shape of my life! Not only is Blake a great, supportive coach, the gym itself is awesome. If you're looking for a great gym with a supportive, friendly community, this IS your gym. There's none of that chest thumping machismo you sometimes find at big box gyms. Parado Power is the "Cheers" of gyms; Everyone knows your name. When you walk in, Blake is always sure to great you by name. You'll work out with people of all ages and walks of life. It's a great place where everyone is super supportive of each other. One of the other things I love about Parado Power, is how clean the gym is. In covid times, this is a must for me. The gym is large and well ventilated. Everyone wears masks and socially distances. After every workout everyone is required to clean up, so you know when you start your workout, you're using clean equipment. I can't recommend this gym enough. Come try it out, you won't regret it. You may be sore, but you won't regret it.

  • 5Shelby B. 1 year ago
    I have been going to the gym with couple of friends (planet fitness and 24 hour fitness) before, but I've never seem to know what to work on or how I should work on them. When I started training with Blake and Keri 2 months ago, I wasn't too sure what to expect and how rigorous the training is. I have never worked this hard before. Blake has definitely made me realize that When I was working out without any guidance, I was not pushing myself to the fullest. Blake is an amazing trainer that works around what you want to achieve in yourself. I had very little understanding on how to lift heavy weights but he helped me throughout the way with the correct form and really pushing my limits. A very BIG plus is that the Gym is very clean and has a well structured cleaning protocols (once you enter the gym you clean the bottom of your shoes, you take your temperature , you have your own equipments and station to work at, etc). Not only does he train you extremely well, his wife Keri Helps us out a lot. They are definitely an amazing duo! In the 2 months I have been training with Blake, I am already seeing results in my body as I am able to lift weights that I didn't imagine myself doing in my lifetime. Parado Power is definitely worth it!

  • 5Jamie K. 2 years ago
    I would definitely recommend Blake's online workouts to anyone. Logging on to his class was easy and always on time. The workouts were always very challenging. My workout goals fit his workout regime and the results were amazing. I can't wait to get back to the his gym and take on the next challenge. Join now!

  • 5Paul N. 2 years ago
    Blake is so thorough and I've gotten so much stronger from going to see him. He really does a good job of making the workouts different and exciting every time I come in. The location is super convenient and I love the atmosphere in the gym! Highly recommend coming to visit or workout at Parado Power!

  • 5Sheldon C. 2 years ago
    5 star review for sure! I've been going to Parado Power for about 2 months now and I can say it is definitely making a difference in my overall health. I've noticed a positive change in strength, focus, appetite, and energy. I work 6 days a week and appreciate the conveniently scheduled classes. Blake is an all around good guy, very professional, and always looking out for our best interest and safety. I would recommend Parado Power to anyone!

  • 5Laila W. 9 months ago
    I love coming to Parado Power. Blake is so kind and also tells funny jokes. The gym is very nice, pretty, and clean. Each class is challenging yet manageable, and they go by so quickly. It's a great atmosphere, and I always look forward to starting off my day there.

  • 5Gloria O. 9 months ago
    Great atmosphere! Cleaning and sanitizing protocols are at the forefront and a fun and motivating environment. Every class has a different workout that will challenge you. I’ve only been coming to Parado for about a month - and this is the gym that I’ve been searching for. Come and see for yourself!

  • 5M. 9 months ago
    It's been almost 3 years since I wrote the review on Parado Power, and it's time to update it. I still workout with Blake at Parado Power 3 times a week.  During the worst phase of the pandemic, Blake and Keri worked hard to make many changes to the gym and to its operation according to the state guidelines so that we, the clients, are able to keep training safely.  Zoom sessions, recorded instructions, outdoor sessions, etc.  Now we are back at the gym for in-person personal training and classes at the reduced capacity.   Blake and Keri kept up with good communication with us and also kept us motivated to stay healthy physically and mentally for the past 2 years.  Recently Parado Power was voted "The Best Gym" in Honolulu and I am not surprised at all.   A few very qualified coaches and assistants were added to the team to accommodate more members joining the gym.  It's been a difficult time for businesses as well as all of us during the past 2 years. Parado Power not only survived it but also came out of it stronger.  This is my 8th year training with Blake and I very much look forward to keeping it going for a long time. I've been working out with Blake for the past 5 years. Blake is friendly but very professional and working out with him is intense but not intimidating. I feel completely safe with his training method because of his knowledge of human body and its development based on his degree in Kinesiology and Rehab Science. He pushes everyone a little more than they think they can handle, and I've witnessed amazing transformations in many of his clients as well as in myself. I totally exhausted at the end of every session but feel much energized with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Working out with Blake over the past 5 years has transformed me from a stressed-out middle aged man without self-confidence to a fit and happy person who is willing to challenge almost anything in life.

  • 5Brenda D. 8 months ago
    PARADO POWER is a fabulous gym. I was doing online training for a while. When I felt comfortable to come back in person, the protocol to enter was awesome. Great to be back at Parado Power! I have been attending classes for a while and just love it! Classes are organized, timely and efficient. They have a lot kettle bells and free weights. Blake incorporates strength and cardio and the classes are never the same. You will not be disappointed so try a class! Jensen has been an great addition to the Parado Ohana!

  • 5Ryan S. 9 months ago
    Blake (gym owner) designs the personal training sessions based on what your goals are. I asked for a combination of strength training and cardio and that is what I got. Each session is new and interesting because Blake keeps buying new "toys" to workout with as well as mixing in new exercises. Lastly, Blake seems really care about his clients and provides good service – The gym is well-kept, clean, and also has great ventilation/airflow.

  • 5Toby F. 1 month ago
    Love this place! PROS: - They offer personal training, semi personal training and group exercise classes! I especially love the group workout classes. The people there are super encouraging and it’s nice to get your sweat in with friends (: - Workouts are always diverse and interesting. I’ve never been “bored” while working out here. - Instructors are super informed and supportive. Owner Blake and instructor Jensen have definitely helped me get on the right track in my fitness journey. - Safe & hygienic! Temperature checks and shoe wipe downs are done before entering gym. Members are asked to wipe down their equipment after each use. - Parking is free! This gym is located on the top floor in pucks alley. CONS: - Honestly can’t think of any!

  • 5Nicole N. 2 years ago
    If anyone can get me into a group class and consistently working out at 6am, they’re a unicorn. You should definitely check out Parado Power. Blake is an excellent trainer. He’s motivational in the right way, provides great correction and feedback, and let’s me modify exercises when I need to. I started working out at Parado Power because my muscles had atrophied significantly after an accident and I found it hard to get back to my baseline fitness without help. I’m not a self-motivated exerciser and couldn’t afford to shell out big bucks for a membership I was never going to use. So it was great to find a place that made it easy for me to keep coming back. I’m a pretty scrawny human, but since I started going to Parado Power, I have become noticeably stronger. I felt like my legs could carry me up my favorite mountains with greater ease and endurance. And my back and core feel stronger and more stable! COVID-19 is a crazy time and I’m as crowd averse as anyone. But I truly believe that Blake and Keri have done an amazing job protecting their clients. Even though I know it hurts business, they cut class sizes significantly to ensure proper physical distancing. They scrub the gym top to bottom (the floor mats have never been cleaner!) and ensure that all of their members distance during their workout and wipe down all of the equipment after use. Blake ALWAYS wears a mask in the gym and while instructing. Anyway this was a long review, but TL;DR: I think Blake and Keri do an excellent job. Blake is a great and effective trainer. You should definitely try out Parado Power.

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