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1024 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96814



(808) 397-7678

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5.00 (116 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 8AM to 8:30PM
  • Saturday: 8AM to 4PM
  • Sunday: 8AM to 4PM
  • Monday: 8AM to 8:30PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM to 8:30PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM to 8:30PM
  • Thursday: 8AM to 8:30PM


Frequently mentioned in reviews: aerial (6) time (7) yoga (9) class (13) classes (18)

  • 5Sheila W. 11 months ago
    Love the wide variety of classes that Still and Moving Center offers. The fact that they have gone the extra mile and placed all their classes online during the pandemic has been wonderful. I am grateful for having the opportunity to take so many classes from my home. Thank you Still and Moving Center!

  • 5Maya R. 1 year ago
    A very welcoming and fun hula class for beginners! I thought the class was really clear and the teacher was great. Would definitely recommend.

  • 5Valerie K. 11 months ago
    Very welcoming to those of us new to Nia. Really enjoyed the class and will continue as long as it’s virtual

  • 5Genevieve C. 11 months ago
    I deeply appreciated the customer service, the variety of classes and the quality of the way the class was taught.

  • 5Lynn D. 1 year ago
    Daylight savings had a small change in my being able to continue with classes right now. The time change meant my class was no longer given at 5 pm Alaska time, but to start at 6pm to 7pm. This is time I generally commit to fixing dinner and eating before my nightly 7:30pm call with my 92 year old mother living in another state, with a later time zone. I also started back to work for the summer. As soon as I can develop a different normal, I would love to start classes again. I will return, when I can. Lynn

  • 5Susan F. 1 year ago
    From the first class several years ago till today, the professionalism of all instructors has been phenomenal. The value and variety of classes have been outstanding. The Still and Moving Center has been a one stop shop for me for all the above reasons, but most importantly for me, is their outstanding communication, patience and aloha spirit which makes them exceptional!

  • 5Cindy R. 1 year ago
    I am recovering from injury so I am pleased to find qualified instructors who are extremely qualified. I am especially grateful for the quiet energy in the voice of Uwe when he leads us in his classes. If I take as many classes as I am able, the monthly bundle price is a good buy for me.

  • 5Christina R. 4 months ago
    My friend and I spent a week in Waikiki and visited this studio twice. The space has a lovely, warm and welcoming vibe. We did the aerial yoga, Melt, and hammock dance classes. The instructor is delightful and the classes are well set up. My only suggestion would be to have more detailed instruction in the hammock dance class to make it more suitable for beginners to get the most learning out of the session. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in Honolulu <3

  • 5Debra L. 1 month ago
    Renée and her talented staff offer plenty of options to nourish our brains and our bodies. They have done a magnificent job of pivoting from 100% in person to continuing to offer these options throughout COVID with virtual and hybrid sessions. ❤️

  • 5Melody B. 3 months ago
    I was blessed to find this center on a recent trip to Hawaii where I was looking for Hula and NIA classes. I have enjoyed other online classes there since returning to NY and look forward to trying more! Great variety of classes and very professionally done remotely.

  • 5Michelle G. 4 months ago
    Great team! Especially Neela and Robin! Robin was a gentle and compassionate teacher and led us through a wonderful yoga and meditation class. Thank you!

  • 5Elizabeth Du V. 7 months ago
    I took a free 2 hour intro class that included 4 short classes. They have a nice variety of offerings, and the yoga classes i took were very well taught. I had never had hula before and developed an appreciation for it even in that short time.

  • 5Diana luxuryretreathawaii Vacation Rental H. 3 years ago
    One of my favorite places to come for yoga in Kakaako. The aerial yoga is my favorite, it is so relaxing and easy to do. They also have mixed aerial classes, which is awesome.

  • 4Emma L. 1 year ago
    I come here for aerial yoga class. It’s been a year and half since I practice aerial yoga. I booked the class from the website, it takes me to a booking platform where it shows schedule of all classes. I took the AIReal Yoga with Katharine. She is very kind, sweet and helpful. For the first time I take class from Katharine, she provides steps by steps from how to open the hammock and secure each move. The class was very relaxing and I got to stretch out some stiff muscles which accumulated from work from home with bad ergonomic, workout and hiking adventures. Highly recommend if you’re looking to try out aerial yoga and stretch those tight muscles out! Tips: bring your own yoga mat and water!

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