Anytime Fitness - Gym in Honolulu, United States

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26 Hoolai St, Kailua, HI 96734, United States



+1 808-373-6746

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4.40 (72 reviews)


Frequently mentioned in reviews: equipment (6) great (7) workout (7)

  • 5Vaughn L. 1 year ago
    Small gym, clean, nice equipment, 24 hours a day...

  • 5Bill H. 1 year ago
    Always a great place to start your day.

  • 5Kayla C. 1 year ago
    Best gym in town!

  • 5Jace P. 5 years ago
    This gym is new and has a perfect selection of workout equipment. I am very happy with my membership.

  • 5Vinnie F. 4 years ago
    Amazing and super friendly staff. Very clean establishment and a great variety of equipment. It's usually not very busy and it was reasonably priced for a group weekly membership. Would definitely recommend if you're a local or just visiting!

  • 5T H. 2 years ago
    Great gym to join and get a good workout. Thank you Shi for being so helpful and running a great gym! If your just starting out, I recommend using their personal trainers.

  • 5Connor K. 10 months ago
    I injured my knee 2 years ago putting on crutches and with the pandemic happening at the same time I didn’t get out of the house much and gained some weight. I was searching for a gym to go to and found Anytime Fitness in Kailua. I absolutely love the gym and everyone who works there is super kind and helpful. I also love they way monthly payments are set up. Makes it easier for those who can’t afford it all to come out at once. 18 year old me would’ve appreciated it so much! They have 24 hour access, and I feel safe going at night even without staff there. There’s security cameras everywhere which is what helps me feel safe. Also the bathrooms and showers are AMAZING! I’ve never showered at a gym before but I would definitely feel comfortable showering at their gym. Highly recommend them 10/10!

  • 5Amie K. 3 years ago
    I am visiting Hawaii for 3 months and decided to apply the membership here for a month. The staff are so friendly. Especially the manager. Small gym but full of great equipment, studio and always add new workout toys. I am really enjoy workout here because it is really make me creative and the atmosphere is very nice. The gym membership are very respect each other. I will miss the place. Thank you for your great business. /Sayamon

  • 5Sweets H. 4 years ago
    I love this gym and the coziness of it! There is no fluff and you can go for a good workout then head home. The gym is close to the bus stop and you can walk to Kailua town center. I only bike there, but be warned that parking is pretty scarce. The gym is super clean! The staff is extremely friendly and the prices are good. I would choose this over other fitness locations in the area.

  • 4Mark T. 4 years ago
    Small gym. Has everything you need for bodybuilding. They also have a yoga room to stretch and whatnot. Two complaints about this place is the parking and how packed it gets. You will not find parking at around 3pm-7pm. During this same time, you will have a very hard time finding a workout in, especially if you want to use the squat cage, because it gets really packed. Sweet times to go are: Anytime before 3pm. Anytime after 8pm.

  • 3Anela K. 1 year ago
    Facility is great but there is NEVER any parking

  • 3Julie B. 9 months ago
    The gyms great overall. However, at certain hours the acs are off and it is hot and humid which makes it very uncomfortable to workout. So, it would be really appreciated if the gym could stop doing this because there have several times when the acs are off.

  • 3Caroline S. 2 years ago
    Maybe it’s because of the holidays but it’s dirty. No towels to clean equipment, restrooms are dirty, a thick layer of soap scum on the showers, grease marks all over the mirrors ... If you go to this gym from 8am to noon in any day of the week, it’s crowded. Or from 4-7pm. Good choice of equipment though. Staff is friendly.

  • 1Clement T. 1 year ago
    Called a few times and left a voicemail and never got a call back.

  • 1Christopher M. 6 months ago
    Tried for weeks to get staff to call me back, gimmicky sales tactics. Staff was rude and the gym is overpriced, small and terrible parking.

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