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1067 Kapiolani Blvd #5A, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States



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5.00 (100 reviews)

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  • Wednesday: 9AM to 7:30PM
  • Thursday: 9AM to 7:30PM
  • Friday: 9AM to 6PM
  • Saturday: 8AM to 2:30PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 9AM to 6PM
  • Tuesday: 9AM to 7:30PM


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  • 5Lynette T. 1 year ago
    On-line Zoom classes are a godsend in these trying times. The movements help your immune system as well as increase flexibility and also connect your mind to your body. Master Pam is easy to understand and follow which makes for very enjoyable classes. Positive energy abounds!

  • 5Rochelle A. 1 year ago
    Going on my 4th year with B&B & the quality of my life has improved physically (lots of ailments under control - sciatica, skin rash, fat loss, more), spiritually (life's principles for good living), emotionally (getting out of negativity). Exercises are not hard, and not easy. Well worth the investment for my life and the completion of my soul. Our energy trainings are eye openers. I exercise 5-6 times a week with the zoom classes & on my own. I've more stamina and still consider myself a strong person at 65.

  • 5Chris M. 2 years ago
    Everyone should try out Brain & Body yoga; it is a unique method that is will really loosen up tension in your body, and clear your mind. We get so much stress from our daily lives, and we spend too much time sitting or being sedentary. We all need to reconnect our bodies with our minds, and taking a few classes will really do that for you. The classes are fun, the instructors are welcoming, and I always leave the center feeling much better. Highly recommend.

  • 5L. 2 years ago
    Started practicing at Body and Brain Honolulu two months ago. My Hip was In bad shape couldn't play basketball. After two months of regular attending class i am feeling much better and back on the basketball court. It is hard work in class but the hard work pays off! Excited to continue more work here at this center

  • 5Constance B. 2 years ago
    Yoga Tai Chi and Master Soul have changed my life. I had chronic pain in my ankle for over 10 years and now I walk everywhere pain free. Yogi Tai Chi not only helps your body but also your brain. I think more clearer and I’m much more calmer. I’m also releasing weight without trying. I LOVE YOGA TAI CHI!

  • 5Debbie L. 2 years ago
    If you’re looking for a training that includes mental and physical health, stress relief and healthy weight management, Body&Brain yoga is the right place. The instructors are very professional and caring. I’ve gain so much flexibility and strength. Highly recommended!

  • 5Sharmaine R. 2 years ago
    Body and Brain is a life-changing experience. Before finding out about this place, I struggled extremely with anxiety. Ironically, I do a lot of public speaking, but in doing so, I’ve developed anxiety from talking in front of strangers. Ever since I began practicing Oct 2019, however, not only has it managed my anxiety in speaking, but also other aspects of my life, like home, school, and work. I’ve started reclaiming my confidence back and I feel like I can take a break from work without feeling guilty or ashamed. I hope everyone can experience the same life-changing event I have, because I believe it’s a really awesome practice and stress management. Aloha!

  • 5C. 3 years ago
    Thank you so much! I was a novice to the various classes. The staff are very welcoming and introduced me to many different variations of the classes. The exercises were a pleasant surprise. The instructor-led groups are not your usual gym hard-core that I envisioned. I’ve lost weight and feel so energized. I encourage all to come and try a class.

  • 5Joan C. 4 months ago
    I highly recommend Body & Brain Yoga Thai Chi ; the instructors are professional, friendly and caring.

  • 5Rani M. 7 years ago
    Being a former Figure Competitor in the bodybuilding world, I wasn't really that interested in yoga. But, my body was changing and I felt like I wanted something much less strenuous, so I would sporadically attend yoga classes here and there but always felt like I was looking for something a little deeper than the different poses we would do. I was in the Vitamin Shop and the Dahn Yoga center was doing free aura readings, so I got mine done. It was very interesting to have this person who knew nothing about me, very accurately explain what my energy was saying about me. I had a private session with the center manager the very next day and she gave me an introduction to what Dahn Yoga was all about. I immediately felt a connection to her and to Dahn Yoga because I truly felt they had the missing puzzle piece I was yearning for! I signed up as a member! I attended class the next day, where we did was simple body movements and stretches that helped with opening our body's energy centers so energy could flow properly. My favorite part of the class and the part that I felt was missing in all the other yoga styles I tried, was the guided meditation and breathing exercises. The instructors direct us to focus on the inside and to empty our brain of thoughts, stresses or anything that was bothering us. I had no idea that such simple movements could be so beneficial because I was AMAZED at how good I felt. I remember walking out of class with a smile on my face and feeling happy for no reason....this was HUGE for me! Bottom line, I am better able to manage my thoughts, emotions and can change my energy to be more positive in as little as one minute! I am deeply grateful that I found Dahn Yoga when I did, it has CHANGED.MY.LIFE!!

  • 5Karlie R. 9 years ago
    Dahn Yoga has changed my life for better. I have more energy, control of my thoughts, I can finally sleep at night and I am contagiously happy all the time now. I had tried many other forms of Yoga and although I enjoyed them, they were somewhat challenging for me. In February of 2012, I attended a meditation event and book signing where the Founder of Dahn Yoga, Ilchi Lee, gave a very powerful and moving speech. For attending the event, I received a free month of Dahn Yoga. I went to my first class and fell in love right away. By the end of the class I knew this was something I would do for the rest of my life. It's gentle, effective and life changing. 1 hour long class circulates my energy, makes me sweat, opens my body through simple stretches and the BEST part is the guided breathing meditation at the end. I was never able to calm the thoughts in my mind before, but here they teach you how to bring your focus inside your body so that you may truly connect with yourself. I love it! On top of feeling healthy and being in the best shape of my life, I am becoming involved in the community doing volunteer work and sharing with people how they can open up there bodies and heal themselves. I am forever grateful for finding Dahn Yoga.

  • 5Marcy B. 7 years ago
    I've been coming to Dahn Yoga here in Honolulu for maybe a month and I am so enjoying it. My body is stronger and leaner already, my mind is clearer and more relaxed and my spirit is deeply satisfied. (and I've only just begun!) It is nothing like what I thought yoga was - and maybe that's because it's NOTHING like other types of yoga. Energy work, stretching, visualization, and of course, love and laughter. The teachers are wonderful and the studio beautiful and inviting. Come check it out. You will so love it!

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