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  • 5Wendy G. 1 year ago
    Just finished a month of lessons with Coach Losha. The training itself and how much I improved was way more than I ever expected. I had tried to swim many times in the past but had residual fear from a few almost drownings as a child. Because of his expertise, experience and natural ability to teach, he clearly explained the importance of buoyancy and the drills to achieve that in the water. Swimming can be such a complicated, technical sport and he is able to explain it in an understandable way. He makes it fun and has a great sense of humor. I had chosen him after I saw him working with a triathlete and noticed how much energy he was putting into improving that person’s skill. I felt he treated me no differently and truly wants each person to be their personal best. So excited to continue with the drills on my own and notice the improvements. And not only for the physical reasons. I found them very meditative and healing mentally as they force me to not think about work or any other aspect of life. I never thought I would be able to take lessons from a champion swimmer. Such a treat and memorable life experience.

  • 5Jan K. 1 year ago
    This was my first time taking this kind of swim lessons that focused on drills. From the initial assessment on, lessons were planned out specific to my needs and ability. I liked how progressive drills are broken down and reasons they are done this way were clearly explained to re-train my brain and movements. It wasn't easy for me and Losha was patient and encouraging, but also pushed me enough to motivate me to practice. I want to improve and I know this is the way to do that. Thank you so much!

  • 5Thomas M. 1 year ago
    I had a swimming lesson with Losha and he was great! He easily assessed my swimming style and saw what I was doing wrong, and with some instructions on how to make adjustments, and reinforcing them with drills, I was swimming farther with less effort. Very impressed with his overall approach and ability to get noticable results right away. Highly recommended.

  • 5Eric K. 1 year ago
    I worked with Losha to improve my swimming so that I could swim longer distances. It wasn't what I expected, but the results were great. Swimming is more technical than I expected, and a lot of time was working on relaxing in the water so that I had the proper foundation for decent swimming techniques. By the end of the lessons, I was a significantly better swimmer than I started. I highly recommend him.

  • 5Anatolii D. 1 year ago
    Great school, very talented instructors with ability to explain full dynamics of how our body engages with water instead of telling “you just need to feel it”. So far no regrets I am highly recommending.

  • 5The Wolf T. 3 years ago
    If you really want know how to swim or enhance your swimming skills you should go here.

  • 5veronique s. 1 year ago
    I signed up for Swim Lessons Hawaii because I was not confident in the water and always wanted to be complete my open water PADI certification. I signed up for fundamental skills program which teaches treading water, backstroke, and freestyle. Treading water for me was basically impossible before and can’t believe after the 4 week course, I am able to tread water in place for more than 5 minutes. My confidence now in the water has surpassed my expectations as I am able to complete 500 yards freestyle without stopping! For me it is important on the coaching because focusing on the fundamentals and going over them every lap made me realize that technique actually makes a huge difference. Now I’m able to practice on my own and pushing myself to complete an open water swim once this pandemic is over.

  • 5mai m. 1 year ago
    As an adult who fears water and has never been involved in water activities, these lessons helped me immensely. So, if you are thinking of learning as an adult, or if you want to improve your swimming skills, I recommend you to sign with them. My instructor Losha is a professional coach; with his Strategies, you feel the improvement after every single lesson

  • 5Michelle C. 2 months ago
    5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ HIGHLY RECOMMEND Swim Coach Ridge Royce (Swims Lessons Hawaii) for your toddler or preschooler. Coach Ridge is truly amazing with children and exhibits characteristics of a positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, knowledgeable, respectful and effective seasoned swim instructor. From the first lesson, Coach Ridge instantly established a sincere rapport and relationship with my 4 year old boy. His charismatic, fun, and creative personality was a game changer in my son’s life and forever grateful. Coach Ridge genuinely worked through my son’s fear and uncertainty of the water. It was truly amazing to watch the transition of timid boy evolve into a brave, courageous, confident and bold swimmer. At every swim lesson, Coach Ridge’s priority was to provide a fun and effective experience for my son. He demonstrated patience, calmness, flexibility and creativity to adapt to an easily distracted and very active little boy. He was always armed with creative coaching techniques and ended every lesson with a happy overjoyed kid. I strongly recommend Coach Ridge for your child’s swim coach! Guaranteed a positive experience for your child because of his caring good nature.

  • 5Golden D. 5 months ago
    Hands down the best swim lessons you can get. It was the highlight of our trip this time in Oahu. Our instructor Niki was excellent, super experienced and patient. Her coaching style was easy to understand, very pleasant and also extremely fun as you're learning. We had 7 adults with 2 instructors. Company employees had a great time… instructors were very detailed oriented. We will definitely do it again.

  • 5Rene'e P. 6 months ago
    My son enjoyed Coach Kristi very much. She was really good with him and saw with my own eyes, how he was becoming a better swimmer with each class. My son definitely got the basics of it and knows how to float now. He continues to work on his breathing and having control of his leg&feet movements. I would recommend her to whoever comes her way. They will not be disappointed. Thanks again COACH KRISTI!!

  • 5Sarah A. 6 months ago
    Shell at swim lesions Hawaii went above and beyond to show our Girl Scout troop the Aloha Spirit! She coordinated a surf lesson for our 11 scouts which they will remember forever. Her communication and execution was professional and her personality is lovely. Clearly the folks at Swim Lessons Hawaii have a passion and calling for what they do. I wouldn't hesitate to book an experience with their team. I am sure it will be the highlight of your trip!

  • 5Biubiu Y. 9 months ago
    I highly recommend their training! I use to be afraid of open water, my coach Oleksii was very patient with me, he taught me many safety skills that definitely help me to feel more comfortable swimming in lakes and ocean. I also learn techniques to use less energy to swim faster and further, it’s really cool! I’m planning to take more lessons next time I go to Hawaii!

  • 5Mark H. 8 months ago
    I am a pretty good swimmer , however i was struggling with a technique until i was refereed to Oleksii Savenko lead swimming Coach and Founder of the school.  I did a few test laps in the pool and Oleksii pointed out all the issues a had . In about 3 weeks efficiency of my swimming has improved tremendously . After that i had no issues swimming back and forth  to Mokulua islands  without a kayak . He is really professional and fun . Highly recommended !

  • 5Rex D. 7 months ago
    You see that photo attached? That's me cliffjumping from about 11 meters at Black Rock beach in Maui, after which I swam about 60 meters to shore. A few months ago when I moved to Honolulu, you wouldn't have caught me near that cliff and the ocean. That's right - I moved to Hawaii not knowing how to swim and afraid of the open water. That all changed after a 12-class program with Swim Lessons Hawaii and Rylie as my coach. I couldn't have asked for a better coach. Under her attentive and personable guidance, I became more and more comfortable being in the ocean as the weeks passed. Not only did she ensure you got it at a basic level, but she was really perceptive in identifying your weaknesses and discussing in detail how you can improve. Now, I love being in the water and am actually having fun, when it used be a great source of anxiety for me. I still swim regularly, at the beach at least 4x a week, trying to be a more efficient swimmer. Would definitely consider taking additional lessons from them. Thank you again Rylie and Swim Lessons Hawaii! Thinking of competing in a triathlon now...

  • 5Bonnie Y. 7 months ago
    This is the best place to learn swim in Oahu!!!! I could not swim at all before I took the lessons(I'm a landlubber)... now I feel quite comfortable to do any outdoor activities in the sea (snorkeling/surfing/paddling). It all happened within 12 lessons. Coach Losha taught me how to swim step by step. It was very thorough and easy to follow. He is super encouraging, has a lot of patience...the best coach with excellent skill. I felt so lucky that I've picked Swim Lessons Hawaii. Highly recommended~!

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