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2505 Campus Rd, Honolulu, HI 96822, United States




+1 808-956-5490

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4.60 (83 reviews)

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  • Friday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Saturday: 11AM to 5PM
  • Sunday: 11AM to 5PM
  • Monday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Tuesday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday: 6AM to 7PM
  • Thursday: 6AM to 7PM


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  • 5Elijah S. 1 year ago
    I went their for about two months last year before moving to Hawaii, I appreciate the fact that they come off as a family and will take time to show you a move rather than just smash you. Larry and tj showed me how to do the butterfly guard/sweep which I still use to this day. I continued my journey as a martial artist here in Hawaii doing judo because of them. The bjj is legit there and the dogs are adorable.

  • 5Justin K. 11 months ago
    Great place for students to go and workout

  • 5Megan M. 1 year ago
    The Rec Center is a great workout gym for UH Manoa students, staff, faculty & some UH affiliates (membership required). It is 2 a story, fully air conditioned mostly glass walled building in the center of UH Manoa campus near campus center. The Rec Center has 2 locker rooms, an indoor mini track, 2 full length basketball courts that can convert to volleyball courts and a ton of cardio options (treadmills, upright bicycles, spinning bicycles, ellipticals, rowing machines), free weights (bench, squat & deadlift stations and dumbbells, medicine balls) and many machines that target all different muscle groups. It's a super great place with lots of UH student staff available. Equipment can be rented and there are occasional classes offered (i.e. spin, yoga, hula, zumba etc). Some COVID specific updates, you will need to fill out lumisight and show either the green "good to be on campus" page (they check the date) but this is a really simple app once you set it up the first time (takes a bit of time the first time). They also require a temperature scan and facial coverings. They recently implemented a rule where neck gaiters, bandanas and scarves are no longer consider effective facial coverings. Additionally every machine and free weight are social distanced with tape markers of walking flow on the ground. With that being said, I don't care for the basketball/volleyball courts being taken over by machines but I also understand why they had to do it. Overall highly recommend this place if you are eligible for a membership and like working out (casually to frequent mid level ish). Might not recommend if you are body builder goals since equipment may fill up and there are a bit of safety rules in place.

  • 5Lori G. 2 years ago
    As a part of rec fees we get 10 visits with a personal trainer. This was my second session. She's great! The gym has a wide variety of machines. It's very clean and well staffed.

  • 5Kevin C. 1 year ago
    Great social distancing protocols in the age of ‘rona. Tape for where to go, turnstiles for cleaning recently used equipment, and student workers aware of the situation walking around and cleaning things. They also have self temperature check in the atrium. The only bad thing is that they got rid of a lot of equipment and the second floor free weight station but can’t complain since other gyms are much more “dirty” and are not as vigilant as UH gym. *edit: imagine complaining about this gym about not being a serious lifting gym when this is located on a college campus. Like how dim-witted do you have to be? It's like going to 7-11 and comparing their steak to a 3-star Michellin restaurant! Ridiculous.

  • 5Harrison N. 3 years ago
    Huge, 2 story gym. Bottom floor is half a basketball court and half exercise machines. Top floor is all free weights with 4 squat cages and like 7 fixed benches and 7 free benches for dumbbells. Top floor also has a track with treadmills on the side.

  • 5Ululani V. 3 years ago
    The best value for students, faculty, and staff! I love coming here because there's always equipment or machines available. The tricky part is finding a locker! It's so conveniently located, and the quality of everything (showers, too!) is top notch.

  • 3. 1 year ago
    I dont know why this gym is rated a 4.6. Honestly, this is probably one of the worst gyms I've been to. A more accurate rating would be a 3-3.5.First of all, for the campus size, the rec center is too small. Before covid-19 took into play, the gym was already busy with people waiting to use equipment. I think part of the issue is that there are many cardio and resistance machines but there are more people that utilize the free weight stations, primarily the squat rack area. In addition, there are also a LOT of rules to follow! Which is understandable, but if you're a serious lifter with equipment I would reccomend signing up at a different gym. Before covid, you could not carry your bag around but you could carry your gear. To me, this doesn't make sense because I would have to carry at least 4 of my gear items and put them on the ground. Versus a bag, wouldnt that be a greater hazard? I can only imagine that under Covid-19, the gym has a longer wait line for social distancing purposes. But if you're serious about lifting, this is probably not the gym for you and I would reccomend either buying some dumbbells or look towards another facility.

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