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4510 Salt Lake Blvd A10, Honolulu, HI 96818



(808) 488-8843

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4.20 (138 reviews)

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  • Friday: 10AM to 7:30PM
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  • Sunday: 10AM to 6PM
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  • Wednesday: 10AM to 7:30PM
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  • 5Ciera M. 1 year ago
    Very helpful staff, and a great selection of anything "aquatic." I will continue to come back to get my new axolotl (Squishy) special treats 🥰

  • 5Elayne S. 1 year ago
    The owner is very good. The other folks who work there are friendly and helpful. The have loads of great fish and pet supplies.

  • 5S. Pak (. 2 years ago
    Short version: very small, specializes in fish supplies A neighborhood staple for many years. Went back for the first time in ages to get stuff for my desk betta. Had everything I was looking for and then some, and helpful staff. Reasonable price for live brine shrimp, which were healthy enough that they've started breeding. $2 got me enough to start a sustainable colony and I won't need to buy more for a very long time. Best selection of Hikari freeze-dried feeders I've found so far too.

  • 5Jay A. 1 year ago
    Good service and top of the line guppies.

  • 5Diana F. 1 year ago
    Great selection of fish, and great customer service.

  • 5Magical P. 6 months ago
    Our experience here was a positive one because the atmosphere was relaxed. The folks were helpful and gave good advice. They had a nice stock of crystal cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp along with a great selection of other aquatic animals (fish etc). Their filters and fish supplies were impressive for small-moderate fish tanks and even had a nice selection of smaller rimless tanks. It feels mega cramped walking through but you'll be hard-pressed to find a better selection of variety. Also the store chickens were cute!

  • 5Madison M. 5 months ago
    This business has been around for over 20 years. Definately, a place for exotic fish... Cichlids, tetras.. Etc. Though, small in size, the place is jam packed with a unique variety of fish as well as the typical ones you'd find in a pet store. Moanalua pets have more variety of fish than most pet stores on the island. The staff is knowledgeable, and the service is good. I highly recommend it!

  • 5Lopaka p. 2 months ago
    Moanalua pets have been a family favorite for many years.. you will find a wide variety of fish , fish food and supplies. Staff is always very helpful . Nice family owned buisness. You never know what you'll find on each visit. We've never left empty handed .. never 🤣 highly recommend buisness !

  • 5Kip A. 4 months ago
    Nice little store that has EVERYTHING you would need to take care of a pet. And I mean EVERYTHING. Reminds of like a little Genetal store in a small town, but for pets. GOOD PLACE

  • 4a. 1 year ago
    The store is a bit cramped for space but, they have a wide array of products and the workers were helpful, polite amd knowledgeable.

  • 4Serena E. 2 months ago
    the best place on the island to get bettas!! affordable prices, fish in healthy condition, fancy colors. they got a veryyy wide selection of both make and female wild types, giants, platinums, koi, coppers, long tails, short tails. and they’ll last longer than your typical petco/pet smart betta

  • 3Sina F. 8 months ago
    Any store with animals is a must-go for our son. However, this is my first time walking my son in and my first impression wasn't good. Pros: -Parking is easy, plenty of fish to see, and lucky enough you'll see a random Silky Chicken inside! -He enjoys seeing the different variety of fishes, assortments of decorations, and the pretty birds in the back. Cons: - It is a bit crammed with narrow isles. Quite dark, which my son had me hold him the whole time. - The appearance inside hasn't been up kept. It was dirty and seemed a bit stuffy. - Absolutely no customer service. There were a total of about 4 staff on the floor. Not one greeted us with a "Hello" or took it upon themselves to ask, "Is there something I can assist you with?". My son was even ignored when he said HI to the man... If it weren't for my son, I'd most likely go elsewhere. Other than this, we'll be back for my son's entertainment.

  • 1Rasika L. 1 year ago
    Do you want my advice? Moanalua pets is a terrible place to call never actually bean to their store but I have called them like 100 times, and why not call them well they have terrible service. The hang up on all of my calls. I am trying to find homes for my guinea pigs and I was even thinking of giving them to the store for free! But I can’t even talk to them to find out if they will take them!!

  • 1himalayan salt s. 1 year ago
    The crayfish I get from here keep dying! I notice that the water is pretty dirty in every single tank, and the store reeks. I am pretty sure at this point it may not be something with my tank and that it may have been the poor water quality that the crayfish was living in. All of the crayfish I have purchased from there die in 1 day. Not even exaggerating. I got some from Kalihi Pets and the crayfish from there are doing just fine. You should maybe, clean your water a bit.

  • 1Mary J. 7 months ago
    Most filthy, disgusting, store I ever been to. So sketchy, they were selling parakeets for 15 dollars. Under priced even for stores like petsmart or petco which get their animals from large scale breeding mills. Probably a front for drug dealers. The poor fishes tanks were so grotesque and haven’t been cleaned in at least a few months. It seemed like they ran out of fish tanks so they started using Miscellaneous items as fish tanks for those poor betas. Most were in soda and wine bottles but others were in buckets and candle holders. And their was also a cat who must have eaten one or two fish because their where tanks on the floor with no aquarium cover. They also had Chameleons in improper cages. The fish looked sickly and diseased, so did the birds and chameleons.

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