Sprawling, no-frills shopping plaza Kamehameha Shopping Center - Shopping mall in Honolulu, United States

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1620 N School St, Honolulu, HI 96817




(808) 848-1011

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4.10 (1762 reviews)

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  • Friday: 8AM to 10PM
  • Saturday: 8AM to 10PM
  • Sunday: 8AM to 10PM
  • Monday: 8AM to 10PM
  • Tuesday: 8AM to 10PM
  • Wednesday: 8AM to 10PM
  • Thursday: 8AM to 10PM


  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair accessible elevator
    • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Service options
    • In-store shopping


Frequently mentioned in reviews: Times (6) place (6) parking (7) good (7)

  • 5Diane L. 10 months ago
    When I last stopped here, I always forget how busy it can be, but it's no wonder when it's a one stop shopping center. So many eatery's, sweets and supermarkets to get things done. I love how much it's thriving I like the idea that it's helping other stores keep business going.

  • 5T. 10 months ago
    The parking lot is a gauntlet. It’s fun racing through and dodging cars and people, it’s like vitamins for me. They got lots of good shops, McD’s and starbucks is a go to.

  • 5Dee A. 11 months ago
    Good spot, need movie theater though, some kind of playground for the community of kalihi

  • 5M V. 2 months ago
    They have so many wonderful places to dine and shop. Longs, Times (they also have a stall that sells great roast duck and Char siu). Honu Bakery is amazing, Teishouko Japanese Restaurant, Peppa's Korean Food. Generous portions, great Kalbi. They also have a Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich place too.

  • 5Maureen P. 3 weeks ago
    Lots of choices to shop & eat. Times Supermarket is there, as well. Longs Drugstore also! Banks and Tmobile also

  • 5Anne M. 6 months ago
    This bakery has the cutest cupcakes and cakes, however, they are known for their turtle bread which is so delicious ... it's really hard to eat just one piece! They also serve a decent cup of coffee. When i was there, i was sorta in tunnel vision so i didn't notice if they had reopened the seating. I have been there for a book club meet up ... pre-pandemic, so I know they have a seating area. Definitely try out that turtle bread ... It makes a good snack/dessert to share ... Or not!!! Heck, i basically are mine for breakfast! Oh. I usually get the big one, but they also offer a smaller version. I'm attaching a photo, but I've reviewed them before and may have posted pics of their drink menu then.

  • 4Will H. 1 year ago
    The place is small and compact. All the stores are situated on the edge of a square like complex with the parking lot and driveway in the middle. There's Starbucks, Mcdonald's, Times Supermarket, some Asian restaurants, Long's, and a GameStop. A great place to just quickly shop and go.

  • 4Brian B. 1 year ago
    Times Market has well stocked shelves, fresh produce and great poke. There's also a CVS/ Longs with a pharmacy open 24 hours lots of delicious places to eat

  • 4Honolulu Door-to-Door Pick up and Delivery S. 6 months ago
    Very clean, full time security. There are plenty of necessities—4 banks, 4 ATM’s, a mailbox, electric vehicle charging station. There are 24 hour services too-Longs, or CVS, and McDonald’s drive through. There’s a Times supermarket, a Baskin Robins, several take out eateries, including a bakery. A nail shop and a Fantastic Sam’s, and Fun Factory show that it’s kind of marketed to women and families. It’s 24 hour feature and the availability of running water make it appealing to many homeless people who mostly do not cause problems to customers but the few that do are removed by security. Parking is pretty good though it might take a few minutes to get through the lot with cars stopped to reverse out or into parking stalls. A person can get most basic needs met here and it’s best reached by getting off the freeway (going west) at the Likelike exit. Getting off the freeway at the School Street exit takes too much unnecessary time, especially in heavy morning traffic if a driver has to go through downtown.

  • 4Jervorius R. 6 months ago
    Chill shopping center, minus the homeless guys (no offense, I love everyone equally) and police interactions. Excuse my honesty, it’s full of security guards, homeless people, and police (I assume because it’s so busy). I assume (assumption) this is high police traffic area, because I’ve seen 5 police cars in 2 hours—flying by and some random gentleman swinging a stick (martial arts) Still good food there; nevertheless, I stopped at Baile (Vietnamese restaurant), very GOOD and EXCELLENT customer service!! The employee (beautiful Asian woman & SUPER helpful with ordering!! Don’t let the drama of the surrounding space deter you from the restaurant—good spots in this place!!

  • 4Shawn S. 4 months ago
    A small but, great local shopping mall. Free parking on 2-levels. You can get a haircut, coffee, phone services, bakery, drug store, grocery store, local foods & much much more...

  • 3Scott R. 1 year ago
    Parking lot is terrible. Park upstairs for your sanity's sake. I go to Times for meat, fish and shrimp. Fantastic Sam's for haircut. See Jenny if you like fade style cuts. Peppas is my favorite plate lunch place anywhere. Sides are good and main courses are cooked perfect. It's a little pricey but always delicious 😋

  • 3Ted Z. 1 year ago
    Not the easiest place to navigate, either on foot or in the parking lot. Starbucks had zero pastries and I was the only customer. My only reason for a stop was coffee and a restroom. But, even that was a challenge. I'm sure the locals are happy to have this mall. But, a complete nightmare for any tourist.

  • 3John W. 2 weeks ago
    Alot of good places to shop. Very tight and packed parking

  • 3Achilles K. 1 week ago
    Nice selection of restaurants and stores, but parking is horrendous. Highly recommend avoiding during lunch hours

  • 2Sierra M. 11 months ago
    Sadly no public restrooms. The bakery here had treats that fell abit more on the mediocre side. But the market store there would have pretty much anything you need.

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