Nuʻuanu Shopping Plaza - Shopping mall in Honolulu, United States

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1613 Nuuanu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96817


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4.00 (373 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Tuesday: 2 to 10PM
  • Wednesday: 2 to 10PM
  • Thursday: 2 to 10PM
  • Friday: 2 to 10PM
  • Saturday: 2 to 10PM
  • Sunday: 2 to 10PM
  • Monday: 2 to 10PM


Frequently mentioned in reviews: Walgreens (6) Starbucks (8)

  • 5Michael T. 10 months ago
    They open. But, in the precovid days, was happening? Walgreens takes care of most challenges. Fedex, also! Shop, send, receive.

  • 5walter y. 1 year ago
    Good place to shop Walgreens is there with a Starbucks to get your morning going. There is a bank and a new tenant soon to open is a poke shop, can't wait for that one. Convenient location for myself and the neighborhood.

  • 5Trenton D. 1 year ago
    Went to the Starbucks in this plaza and had a great experience. The plaza seemed in good shape too!

  • 5Leon BIGPAKE H. 2 months ago
    This location has changed so much over the years from when it was Chun Hun Market. Some of you may remember it then, but if not maybe you remember when Hungry Lion was there.. great places have come and gone but still a great place to get coffee at StarBucks , get your essentials at Walgreens and get a wonderful hair cut at Supercuts.

  • 4C. 11 months ago
    The main shop here is probably Walgreen and Starbucks. Ample parking.

  • 4roger c. 11 months ago
    Good verity of different shops Coffee, poke, plate lunch. Hair cut, bar, Walgreens.

  • 4Ray Ray R. 1 month ago
    It’s a good place to go if you want Starbucks. There use to be a Walgreens. But they just closed down. And I had to board up the windows so the homeless would

  • 4puion C. 1 month ago
    There are a very nice and comfortable Starbucks a place this should so different other. Enjoy really morning coffee as feeling.

  • 4Anthony P. 1 year ago
    I get my scripts n light shopping there..but I've mentioned on a few occasions about all the dirt over head. I've been going there for over a year and they have not once cleaned any of the layer's of dirt over head on the suspended lights, monitors n cabinets up high? Don't look up it's nasty 😂

  • 3stephen f. 10 months ago
    Good amount of parking but spaces are small.

  • 3John C. 1 year ago
    I normally stop by at Wallgreens. To pick up small things before I go home. It's convenient for me, it's on the way home. My daughter and son, now that they are older, loves going to the Starbucks there. It's clean, the staff is great. They haven't gotten any of our orders wrong. They also have little things you can eat. Just like the rest of the other Starbucks. There is no seating yet. Cause of covid, but even with that. Order on app or online before you get there and it's pretty much an in and out thing. Oh, they also have Supercuts. Once in a while I take two of my sons there. There pretty good. It's clean, staff friendly. No bad hair cuts as of today 5/6/21... if your reading this. There's a couple of other things there and close by. Like Thai food and Korean food. It's right next to the laundromat on nuuanu... And there seems to be enough parking...

  • 3Robert C. 2 months ago
    Changed so much since I grew up in the area. Walgreens replaced Chun Hoon, Starbucks replaced Hungry Lion which replaced the local drug store. TCBY is now gone, as is the florist it replaced. Wish they would add more eating places.

  • 1K D. 10 months ago
    Terrible service from male workers. Really bad attitudes.

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