South Shore Market - Shopping mall in Honolulu, United States

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1170 Auahi St, Honolulu, HI 96814



(808) 591-8411

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4.20 (838 reviews)

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  • Friday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Saturday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Sunday: 10AM to 6PM
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  • 5Jadine O. 1 year ago
    NOTE: Pictures are from areas of SALT of Kakaako...will need to move and update my edits. Nice place for the family to visit..places to eat, drinks, treats...if you feel like an adventure, stroll around the blocks around and look for the wall arts by Pow Wow.

  • 5J. 10 months ago
    Love the mushroom sandwich. That's my favorite thing to eat here.

  • 5L. W. 4 years ago
    Definitely more upscale in feel and Millennial in vibe than any other mall in a reasonable radius, besting Ala Moana in its upscale and comfortable feel. Why? Yeah, the usual TJ Maxx but better maintained, and no Chanel/Ferragamo/Apple, but: -beautiful living walls -clean community tables -covered outdoor tables with views -clean water features -WiFi that works -electrical outlets/charging stations near tables -climate control (TIP: sit at the table near Big Bad Wolf; there are two outlets in the floor. Or sit at the community table by the large indoor mural and there are many outlets in the pillar. Or sit in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for outlets. Or at the entrance for the parking structure, near the living wall, there are also outlets there & usually a table there; sometimes it is moved to care for the living wall.) -local rotating art installations (thank you, Pow! Wow! & Big Bad Wolf) -emphasis on Native Hawaiian-owned businesses & goods -a gourmet hand-mixed ice cream shop that quietly donates a part of its proceeds to support cancer research (Lucy's Lab? Yep, Lucy is the founder's family member. Ask them about it.) -curated boutiques by small local companies, local coffee shops -local-owned restaurants (Scratch! Yes, you guys!) -health food bars that sell locally-produced goods (Shaka Tea from the Big Island at Nalu!), reducing your carbon footprint, helping you live longer, and supporting your friendly neighborhood farmer all at once! For the old school folks looking to grab and go, there is also Holo Holo Market selling Foodland poke bowls at the same Foodland prices (right next to the Coffee Bean, another Foodland company) with bento and musubi also at VERY reasonable prices ($7 poke bowls; $2.19 musubi, $2-5 large Deli sandwiches, $6-8 full-size bento, $1-3 gourmet large can drinks, etc.) for this location. Super clean bathrooms with hard-working folks turning the room over regularly. Water fountains with water bottle adjustments so you can fit your entire water bottle under there, with a filter indicator. Ground floor parking has Reserved stalls for electric vehicle users with chargers. Love this! Ample handicapped parking. Free covered parking that is monitored closely by security. Do not be surprised if they chalk your tires to ensure that you are there to shop and not just homesteading or a nearby condo resident using the facility is parking. I like that actually - - no break-ins and no cars left there for weeks. Stairwells are clearly marked, and frequently used. Stairwells are clean and well-lighted. Several elevators--a set by parking & another on building itself. The large elevators, especially those on the building itself, are a joy for disabled/mobility-impaired folks or strollers. No squeezing and feeling super awkward if you have a double stroller! Excellent! Family-friendly, low-drama. Everyone from safety-shirt guys to college students to retiree tourists to yoga folks with mats to young families all strollered up. Something for everyone, and a favorite place of ours.

  • 5JorD 8. 4 years ago
    Great place to get what you need, awesome environment.

  • 5Sue A. 2 years ago
    The new Whole Foods was awesome. I've really avoided shopping there thinking it was expensive, but today bought a lot of fresh fruit. With the Whole Foods app, I saved about 20% off the total bill. Their produce was the best I've seen in a long time.

  • 5Tammy B. 3 months ago
    Great selection. Love the fresh made food and healthy choices. Wish we had them here. Gives a whole new meaning to convenience store food!

  • 5M V. 1 month ago
    Love the variety of small businesses inside it. They also have Coffee Bean. Got their iced peach passion tea. Really good!

  • 5Leslie Mack PINK C. 6 months ago
    Love the workers! Love the products! Parking is right across the way. Everything is conveniently located so you can walk to each different area and the selection is outstanding.

  • 4Alex Y. 5 years ago
    A medium-sized market of boutiques and some essentials (food, coffee and grocery!). There are also places to plop down alone or with groups. Remote workers/students: + Free parking structure (can get packed) + Free WiFi + Places to work/study + Modern, open, clean atmosphere - Moderate noise level - Outlets limited; there's a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with public outlets.

  • 4Chris K. 1 year ago
    Covid is impacting us all. The market place is more empty as we continue to social distance and slowly open up. Visit was pleasent but strange seeing such a low number on a Fri night.

  • 4Eileen True H. 2 years ago
    I like the free parking. The stores all look nice and clean. Very nice bright atmosphere. There are some interesting stores that you don’t see elsewhere. Most stores’ staff are very kind and friendly. The restrooms are clean. Good for a meetup with friends.

  • 4Matthew L. 1 month ago
    There are lots of cool little shops in here along with fun places like Off The Wall Craft Beer and Wine. In there you are given a card linked to your credit card and you pour your own beer, wine, or hard seltzer. It's a really cool concept. Along with that they bathrooms are always clean and very accessible, which is key when you're in a situation where you're pouring your own beer.

  • 3. 2 months ago
    IN THE BEGINNING there was light. Just kidding. But for real, in the beginning there was a buzz about what this place was and what it could be for the community. The first floor was jammed with small shops and local owners. There was ice cream, food, a convenience store, shared seating for work space and dining, etc. There was a buzz for what was to come. I'm pretty sure 90% of the current issues are COVID-19 related, but it feels like a ghost town in there. Off the wall still has a lively feel, and Nalu health bar always has people dining, but the other shops seem to be only speckled with shoppers. It's sad, really. Everything closes early, there are not enough options to keep people around. The first, second, and third floors don't seem to flow. I almost always forget that the social is on the second floor. To get to TJ Maxx, you have to go outside and take the escalator through the parking lot or use the gigantic, slow elevator around the corner. It doesn't feel connected at all. Not even big box corporate stores can survive. Pier 1 imports has shut its doors, and now it's just a huge empty space. Half of the spaces are empty in the local shop section. The only reason I go to South Shore Market place is for Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Off the Wall, and sometimes to buy local gifts for friends. That's what I'm saying, though, all of the places and options for local gift buying have shut their doors. Mori seems to be the only option these days. Salvage public is awesome, but it's not a gift shop. This space needs a face lift and events need to be hosted there to revitalize it. Location is perfect. Just needs something or someone to make it cool again.

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