Botanical garden with an old-school vibe Tropical Botanical Garden - Botanical garden in Lisbon, Portugal

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Largo dos Jerónimos, 1400-209 Lisboa, Portugal


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4.30 (3670 reviews)

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  • Wednesday: 10AM to 8PM
  • Thursday: 10AM to 8PM
  • Friday: 10AM to 8PM
  • Saturday: 10AM to 8PM
  • Sunday: 10AM to 8PM
  • Monday: 10AM to 8PM
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    • Good for kids
    • Public restroom
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    • Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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  • 5Sreenjoy C. 3 months ago
    Such a beautiful park in the middle of the city. When you look at it in the map, it doesn’t look too big, but it’s quite a large area where you could walk around for a bit. We bought pastel de natas from Belem and went here to sit in the shade, hang out and it felt great because it was so peaceful in there. Wonderful lakes, trees, peacocks and ducks walking alongside you. Would definitely recommend coming here, strolling around, maybe even lying on the grass in the shade ❤️ There are chairs and benches next to the water, a cute little Japanese garden and many other beautiful sections. Entry free is €4 which is not so bad. Great place to spend a few hours just chilling out. Will definitely try to be back!

  • 5Michele Di C. 5 months ago
    Absolutely fantastic! So many strange and beautiful plants. Doesn’t feel artificial and it is spacious to sit, enjoy, walk, cross a little bridge, look at the animals and interact with them, …. Look at the pictures.

  • 5Paulo C. 3 months ago
    Surprisingly, I loved this park! I had already passed the front door several times and only now had the opportunity to visit it and it is really worth it! I loved the ruins taken over by plants, the animals on the loose, etc. It is much more interesting than the Lisbon Botanical Garden.

  • 5Paddy C. 11 months ago
    A great quiet and beautiful garden. Loved it!!

  • 5Tom D. 11 months ago
    Incredible gardens in the Belem area of Lisbon. 4€ entry fee but worth it 10 times over for these beautifully maintained gardens. Feels like going back in time.

  • 5Natalie H. 11 months ago
    Beautiful place! Not crowded at all, and all the animals walking around made it feel more lively. Saw several baby chicks and ducks that were adorable 🦆🐤🐥🐔

  • 5Julie T. 9 months ago
    Visited for the Magical Garden lights before Christmas (so not the typical experience). It's a wonderful night out, and much larger than I expected. We loved the interactive sections, music, and the wonderful lighting on the garden plants.

  • 5Ximena B. 9 months ago
    Incredible experience with the light show inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The whole garden was decorated and gave it a very special touch. A great work that mixes spectacle with nature. It’s surprising for adults and children.

  • 5m. 1 year ago
    Perfect place for rest, beautiful exotic trees, and secluded recesses. They have also some ducks and peacocks

  • 5Christian (. 1 year ago
    Loved it! A low price entrance is worth the walk in the garden. Its size is quite large, in one of the city most historical areas, is definitely worth the money. Highly recommended

  • 5Paul H. 1 year ago
    Really nice and relaxing place in Belem, Lisbon. Beautiful gardens, tranquil waters, steeped in history and references much of Portugal’s history overseas. Beautiful rich gardens, representing many countries including Macau & Brazil. Fabolous flowers, shrubs and trees. Relax as a couple, enjoy with kids (lots of ducks to feed) or take time in nature. Entry fee is low and worth a few hours to unwind.

  • 4lucy J. B. 1 year ago
    A lovely peaceful garden

  • 4Dave C. 1 year ago
    Plants probably past their best this late in the season. A fair bit of reconstruction going on and no cafe open?

  • 4Edgar S. 1 year ago
    A perfect place to go on a date, or to take your kids. You have almost everything in here to appeal the little ones. You have dinosaurs, you have ducks family. And then you have the main attraction, all the amazing plants and trees, you even have coffee plants to check. As I said, it's a very good place to take your other half 😊

  • 4Kevin B. 7 months ago
    Mid-sized to large botanical garden for a small entry fee of 4 euros or 2 for students. The garden itself is very pretty, with many branching paths to snake around the park. Unfortunately there is little botanical about it, as it did not seem to feature many plants. There were mostly different trees and some cacti but there is a lot of empty grassy space that is unused for different plant species. There are also some run down, overgrown buildings inside here that give a very nice atmosphere to the garden. Definitely worth a visit for a nice stroll, not so much if you're only interested in seeing a lot of plants with nameplates and such.

  • 4Josh A. 1 year ago
    They seem a bit behind on maintenance, but I enjoyed the wildness of the gardens. A nice walk in between other activities.

  • 4herm d. 6 months ago
    I turned up at the Jeronimos Monastery early on Sunday to beat the crowds. Ha ha! I was at the end of a 50m line then I realised I had to join another line first to buy a ticket! I gave up and strolled across to the Tropical Botanical Garden where it was free entry and I had it almost to myself. What a result! The first thing to say as a garden loving Brit is this is more a pleasure garden than a botanical garden. There are plenty of fabulous trees and shrubs but little in the way of labelling or descriptions to learn more about them. The Botanical Garden of downtown Lisbon is the place for that. But the garden is well laid out and beautifully maintained. There was a Alice in Wonderland themed inflatable show on in March 2022 which seemed strange for a botanical garden but maybe they want to draw in the kiddos. The avenues of palms are impressive as were the peacocks showing off to impress the females. At zero euros all in all a grand morning out. PS. A plant identification app like SEEK overcomes the lack of labels.

  • 3Sree C. 9 months ago
    The concept of letting the trees growing without pruning them is great. But it definitely is not the best gardens I have seen. There are many other amazing places in Lisbon to visit if you are in a time crunch.

  • 2Martin J. 4 months ago
    4 Euros to get in. Would be a very interesting and peaceful retreat, with many interesting plants… but… it feels as if no one has bothered to maintain this for some time. It needs some management and it definitely needs some love!

  • 2eduardo m. 1 year ago
    Summary: The garden are beautiful but totally not taken care of. The small thematic garden are poorly maintained. It was a bit embarrassing to see such a messy place. We were so shocked with my friend that we started to think about names that would fit this place better than botanical garden. Such as "once Upon a time there was a garden" or "Wildness when nature take over" or "your ticket price is definitely NOT going to maintenance" garden. So many parts were closed because of maintenance, a lot where super messy, the water of small fountains were so green you couldn't guess it was water, a lot of place were totally ruined. We haven't seen one person who seem to work/maintain in the garden.

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