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Calçada Marquês Abrantes 72, 1200-720 Lisboa, Portugal



+351 919 241 396

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4.90 (30 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Saturday: 9AM to 12PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: (Freedom Day), 7AM to 8PM, Hours might differ
  • Tuesday: 7AM to 8PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM to 8PM
  • Thursday: 7AM to 8PM
  • Friday: 7AM to 8PM


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  • 5Rishav V. 3 years ago
    The sweat dripping down my body as I my knees cracked getting in to a yogi squat, the look of pure disdain towards the instructor. Is this agony just temporary or will I somehow get into a rhythm where every deep breath is not muzzling a grimace? Dante wrote about nine circles of hell in his epic, each sequence felt like the next torturous ring of doom. At one point, mid boat pose I thought I saw a light telling me it was ok to submit and come into the afterlife. Then Shivasana, A relief, an appreciation for what had just happened, and strong sense of happiness. Baraza, A wonderful flowy and incredibly challenging practice, never have I loved and hated a place so much at the same time. 5 stars hands down for pushing my boundaries day in and day out. Beijinhos. @themayorofsantos

  • 5Bret C. 10 months ago
    Beautiful studio, wonderful teachers, and incredible owners who are super welcoming and love yoga :-)

  • 5Auguste J. 8 months ago
    Amazing yoga studio, great and challenging classes, lovely minimalist space, run by really wonderful group of people /staff.

  • 5Terry M C. 10 months ago
    Beautiful space! My Monday to Saturday essential yoga studio in Lisbon. Great variety of teachers who help me rediscover my practice each & everyday!

  • 5Catherine C. 10 months ago
    The best yoga studio over my last 3 months in Europe. Lucky to be able to attend Bruce's workshop as I used to goto his classes in HK. Incredible energy and beautiful studio!

  • 5Ann-Katrin S. 1 year ago
    BARAZA is one of the best Yoga studios I have been to in my whole life! The owners Alex & Ruby are the most welcoming hosts, every single teacher is incredible and the space is stunning! A great Community hub of wonderful beings!

  • 5Nicolette H. 10 months ago
    Best power/vinyasa yoga studio in Lisbon! Beautiful space with incredible energy, and fun and challenging yoga classes in English. Practicing here feels like getting a big hug from an old friend- so grateful to have found this community! Thank you Alex and Ruby ❤️

  • 5Tom N. 3 years ago
    Bright new studio! I really enyoyed their signature Baraza flow class

  • 5Sara M. 3 years ago
    Wonderful new yoga studio in Lisbon with classes taught in english. The flow class was a powerful mix of vinyasa and hatha... strong, stretchy, and sweaty with a little relaxation at the end! Great modern playlist. Perfect spot for locals and tourists alike. Obrigada x

  • 5Matt N. 3 years ago
    Really great yoga sessions and awesome instructors in a great neighborhood.

  • 5Phillipe C. 2 years ago
    I recently took the most energizing flow class with Liza Puglia. Her way of communicating is beautiful and authentic and the flow left me feeling incredibly energized and grounded. Her intention was transferred exquisitely to us all. The whole class left with big smiles. Covid protocols were strictly adhered to but it didn’t get in the way of the class at all. Can’t wait to go back to another one of her clases again soon

  • 5Tiago Rodrigues J. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Baraza Yoga Studio is by far the best yoga studio in Lisbon with the best teachers and the best space. The almost daily classes make it very easy to find a good time. I definitely recommend it. (Original) O Baraza Yoga Studio é de longe o melhor estúdio de yoga de Lisboa com os melhores professores e o melhor espaço. As aulas quase diárias fazem com que seja muito fácil encontrar um bom horário. Definitivamente recomendo.

  • 5Chris B. 3 years ago
    Best yoga studio in Lisbon. Great committed teachers, management and atmosphere.

  • 5Natalie R. 3 years ago
    Such a beautiful, welcoming studio. Loads of gorgeous natural light and a wonderfully joyful energy. Prices are reasonable and they have everything you need for a drop-in class if you’re only in town for a short while.

  • 5L A. 2 years ago
    Baraza Yoga is the sort of studio you'd create if you could create your own yoga studio - there's natural light, a high ceiling, just off the street and easy to get to but classes are behind a pale curtain so feel private, you can rent a mat if you need to, you can leave your own mat in the big cupboard if you're coming back, the washrooms are clean and attractive, if you need to change clothes, there's a spot for that too. And it's always so welcoming - Alex seems to know your name after just one visit. I have now had at least one class with every teacher and they are all excellent - super professional but each with their own style which means you can keep changing it up. The schedule is great with lots of options and they use the Mindbody app. Unless specified, the yoga is almost always what I would call athletic Vinyasa flow. Two things I appreciate - classes are a full 60 minutes and latecomers are not admitted. Most classes are nicely full and I have been to a few where there was not a spare inch - which I thought would be unpleasant but you learn to stay within the footprint of your mat and there is actually something quite energizing about an entire room breathing and moving all together. Very happy I found Baraza.

  • 5Emily W. 3 years ago
    Great flow class in a beautiful space. I might not recommend it for beginners but if you do yoga regularly you will be challenged with some familiar and may unfamiliar variations. Also, GREAT music/scoring of the class!

  • 5Danielle T. 2 years ago
    Amazing studio! Great teachers

  • 5Leonhard R. 3 years ago
    Cool Yoga Studio! 🧘🏻‍♂️ 🧘🏻‍♀️ We were visiting Lisboa for a few days and decided to drop into a morning session. We absolutely loved it! We were invited to coffee and cake at a nearby cafe. Great deal! 👌🏼

  • 5Vicky V. 1 year ago
    Amazing place, very nice vibes! I'm always very happy to come here and I leave even happier:)

  • 5Guy T. 2 years ago
    What an incredible studio. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are from, the second you walk in, you are met with warm and hospitality. The instructors are professional but each bringing a different aspect to their practice and thus to their class. Teachers from all parts of the world - and patrons of all walks of life - there for either a deep & meaningful practice or for a great workout - smiles guaranteed.

  • 5Wioleta M. 1 year ago
    Amazing place with a very nice atmosphere and great yoga practise. Instagram worthy! 🥰

  • 1Sofia T. 1 year ago
    Probably the least loving yoga studio I've ever been to. I arrived 5 minutes late to class, and a very rude blonde lady signalled me to leave from inside the place without even wanting to have a short conversation. Payed €13 for a class I wasn't allowed to go to, no refunds, nothing. 0 flexibility, 0 compassion. The path of YOGA is the exact opposite of this studio and their ridiculous "policies" and lack of warmth. Clearly a posh space seeking to make a profit more so than to spread the power of the practice. You'll definitely feel more welcomed and appreciated at your local Finanças office.

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