Country's main airport & European hub Humberto Delgado Airport - International airport in Lisbon, Portugal

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Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal



+351 21 841 3500

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3.80 (21482 reviews)


  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


Frequently mentioned in reviews: area (6) nice (6) terminal (6) passport (6) gate (6) security (6) line (6) food (7) Lisbon (7) flight (8) clean (8) time (8) shops (8) experience (10) good (14) people (15) Translated (25) Google (25) Original (25) airport (38)

  • 5Pedro E. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Ours is the best ***** (Original) O nosso e o melhor *****

  • 5Oscar A. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Wonderful (Original) Maravillosa

  • 5Asadullah F. 1 year ago
    Very good service client

  • 5Miguel G. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Small but with all kinds of amenities (Original) Pequeño pero con todo tipo de comodidades

  • 5Pedro M. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Enhanced Installations (Original) Instalações melhoradas

  • 5Anderson v. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Excellent and organized It has a super fast service (Original) Excelente e organizado Tem um atendimento super rápido

  • 5Paulo S. 1 year ago

  • 5TIM G. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) A good place to take flight! (Original) Um bom sito para levantar voo!

  • 5Marco M. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Always eaoectacular (Original) Sempre eaoectacular

  • 5Amadora C. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Has everything your heart desires (Original) Hat alles was das Herz begehrt

  • 5Melissa M. 1 year ago
    Due to the pandemic, the airport had very few travelers. But as always, clean and efficient!! A few restaurants were open in the food court.

  • 5Rui G. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Unfortunately at this point it's empty 😪 (Original) Infelizmente nesta altura está vazio 😪

  • 5Gabriella K. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Strict control (Original) Szigorú ellenőrzés

  • 5Erika D. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Organized (Original) Organizado

  • 5Barbara Dias G. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Love Travel ✈️🌎 And from Lisbon airport 🇵🇹 we get direct flights to several impressive places 🥰 (Original) Amo Viajar ✈️🌎 E do aeroporto de Lisboa 🇵🇹 conseguimos vôos diretos para vários lugares impressionantes 🥰

  • 5Kelly H. 1 year ago
    Had a great time exploring Lisbon and surrounding areas. Lots to see and do. Delicious pastries!

  • 5K. 1 year ago
    Based on our experience today, not as crowded and rushed as Charles deGaulle airport. Staff multilingual and helpful and friendly. Nice food court area.

  • 5Khan G. 1 year ago
    Great airport ,better than other European countries,Has lots of shops around and staff is good as well.

  • 5Lukasus N. 10 months ago
    Small but cosy airport. Few shops and restaurants. Easy and quick transfer.

  • 5Master & M. 11 months ago
    Good experience. Crowded but ok. Nice people. Everyone wear masks.

  • 5Fabiola T. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice (Original) Muito agradável

  • 5Gik H. 1 year ago
    Great Airport. All a traveller can ask for. Places to rest, eat and charge your gear

  • 5Roman A. 2 years ago
    This is a busiest airport in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s just a single airport, but they handles all international, domestic flights, as well as cargo flights. There is two terminal buildings; Terminal 1 handles all arrivals and most international departures and the low-cost airlines depart from Terminal 2.

  • 5Ibraina L. 1 year ago
    Very efficient, with wi-fi, WC super clean, ATM, but restaurants and cafes are very overpriced compared to the city, great transport links bus underground

  • 5R. 1 year ago
    Nice airport with all necessities. Could be improved by having stricter rules against covid since people don't seem to be respecting distance. A lot of choices for food and shopping while you wait for your flight

  • 5Elke F. 1 year ago
    Wir hatten den Eindruck, dass sich nur Flugpassagiere und Personal dort aufgehalten haben, im Gegensatz zu Oktober, wo die Cafés geöffnet waren. Am Kiosk könnte man Getränke und Essen kaufen. Die Gepäckabfertigung lief reibungslos. Der Duty Free Shop hätte geöffnet, wenig Andrang. Es gab zu wenig Sitzplätze am Gate 16. Der Weg zum Gate war dieses Mal nicht so lang, weil wir mit Lufthansa geflogen sind. Die Gates sind sehr weitläufig verteilt. Die Hygienemaßnahmen waren in Ordnung.

  • 5GilmarColino M. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bom

  • 5Josipa B. 1 year ago
    Small airport with portuguese soul. Easy to catch the transport to town centre. Excellently communicated with Barajas - Madrid. Very welcoming!

  • 5Maravilhas P. 1 year ago
    Poderia haver maior cuidado em bagagens de maior volume por mais que sejam identificadas para ter cuidado. Em termos de transportes é sem dúvida excelente acesso com o metro à porta fácil acesso.

  • 5Hien D. 1 year ago
    Nice, clean, and designed in a friendly way for people with disabilities, having wheelchair services as well. Very well organized and staff are friendly and helpful.

  • 4H. 8 months ago
    Perfect...small, with all the facilities. Great experience. Also Metro right out the door is on very good location ☺️

  • 4G. 9 months ago
    Arrival: wasn't too bad, there are signs in Portuguese and English which made it easy to get to baggage claim/customs. once you get through that area you will be funneled to separate lines before exiting the airport. Here you will be checked for your COVID test and passport. If you decide to take a taxi or Uber you have to go to Parque 1 (Parking 1). To get here just head out the airport and make a right keep going until you see escalators on your right. Take those to get up to Terminal 1 Arrival/Parque 1. To take the Uber just go into the parking lot past the gate arm; that is where Ubers will enter to pick you up. Taxis have their own designated lanes. Departure was kind of hectic. There were so many people. Leaving at the same time. Please ensure you fill out your PLF forms and have all documents needed by the country you're going to! I saw several families get stranded because they didn't fill out the PLF on time trying to go to Milan via Ryanair. By the time they finished filling it out, the gate closed and there were many angry Italians who couldn't board. Terminal two is small and has a SOHO cafe, Henekin bar, a Nespresso Café, and a McDonalds. They do have a large duty free shop. There a few charging posts in the seating area and I think two at the McDonald's.

  • 4Farhadi R. 1 year ago
    Small and nice airport i will recommend to come with metro its to busy the road with car

  • 4Ahmid T. 1 year ago
    Layover in Lisbon not too bad as an international Airport signage was good and in Portuguese and English also most of the folks that I met spoke English was a huge boost....

  • 4Iris A. 1 year ago
    Spiffy airport, I must say. The shops are great and the dining options are superb! Everyone seems extra helpful and friendly.

  • 4J. W. H. 1 year ago
    A well organised and efficient airport for arrivals. Having said that, luggage does take some time to arrive, especially off peak hours. There is a Starbucks and a currency exchange counter in the arrival hall (after Customs). Taxis are readily available, although pricey. Better to book a ride with Bolt.

  • 4Francisco de Matos Afonso P. 10 months ago
    Decent sized airport. Food hall is great. Good shopping options. It's open, airy and with plenty of light. There were almost no queues for security and passport control despite there being quite a few people. TAP lounge was busy but also decent. Overall, a good experience.

  • 4Max B. 6 months ago
    Great airport! It's well located, clean, pretty inside and you feel comfortable. Equipped with enough and very clean toilets, a good choice of restaurants, unlimited WiFi (which could be better!) and it didn't feel too crowded. I was missing some more seating possibilities with/and power outlets and I always appreciate fountains for drinking water which I couldn't find. The metro station is straight next to it and also the bus connection is decent. Because me and my girlfriend were broke backpackers when we were there: The airport is good to sleep in, before and (probably) after security even better. Nobody cares and it's safe! Also there is one restaurant using "Too Good To Go" if you want to get some cheap food.

  • 4Naadir A. 1 year ago
    Reasonable for an international airport. Good duty free on both sides of departure gates. Food choice could be better but still perfectly adequate

  • 4Itohan O. 2 months ago
    Very easily accessible from the city, either by bus or metro. Getting around within the airport is also very easy. There are lots of shops for last minute souvenirs and gifts, and also several restaurant and fast-food options to make the wait much easier.

  • 4T. 5 months ago
    Huge airport, at least four floors.. clean bathrooms, lots of shops, COVID testing areas, plenty of cabs been to terminal one and terminal two.. good experience would not mind flying here again

  • 4Leonel Ilson S. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Very well (Original) Très bien

  • 4Teoman U. 1 year ago
    Nearly empty nowadays but all services running.

  • 4Ana P. 2 years ago
    The airport is modern and has lots of amenities like the usual shops, good amount of clean toilets, smoking lounge and restaurants. Could do with more seating area, specially the comfortable sofas for longer waiting times and a moving walkway for the farthest gates.

  • 4Serdar . 1 year ago
    Duty free has a good options but bad price tags.

  • 4Maria R. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Sad (Original) Triste

  • 4Олег . 1 year ago
    Гражданский аэропорт в Португалии. Открыт в 1942 году. Имеет 2 взлётно - посадочные полосы.Одна асфальтовая, длиной - 3805 метров. Вторая тоже асфальтовая, длиной - 2400 метров. Высота над уровнем моря - 110 метров.

  • 4joel s. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) There are no complaints from me. (Original) Não há reclamações de minha parte.

  • 4Valter N. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Fixed (Original) Fixe

  • 4Nuno V. 1 year ago
    Clean, organised, with clear indication of the distances and loads of hand gel everywhere

  • 4Rodrigo L. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Well organized and super fast! The restaurant area is very weak. (Original) Bem organizado e super rápido! A área da restauração é muito fraca.

  • 4Helene C. 1 year ago
    Un peu la pagaille dû à la pandémie mais ça passe

  • 4P. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Fairly organized. Just enough cleaning 🇵🇹 (Original) Abbastanza organizzato. Pulizia appena sufficiente 🇵🇹

  • 4Leonardo F. 1 year ago
    Ottimi collegamenti e sistema covid operativo

  • 4Ghafer A. 1 year ago
    مطار جميل الإجراءات فيه كانت سلسة.

  • 4Rafa R. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice, here at least you can sit at a table have breakfast oleeee (Original) Muy bonito ,aquí al menos puedes sentarte en una mesa ha desayunar oleeee

  • 3Arminda A. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Little policing (Original) Pouco policiamento

  • 3Davi Zucarello D. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Considering it to be an airport, there should be concessions related to closing stores and keeping at least the cafeterias open. (Original) Considerando ser um aeroporto, deveriam haver concessões relacionadas ao fechamento de lojas e manter pelo menos as cafeterias abertas.

  • 3Omer G. 5 months ago
    Nice people but immigration took more than 2.5h!! The phone was taken after 1h wait... Flying back was a nice experience, fast and smooth. 2nd image from my way back.

  • 3Hanley C. 3 months ago
    Customs strike meant waiting 6.5 hours to leave the airport. No loudspeaker communication or water for the entire wait. Not sure if the strike was justified or if it worked, but it certainly made it a less pleasant experience. Great once past security!

  • 3Catarina L. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) I passed by it quickly, it was just a stopover when I left Finland to Porto-Portugal, but I believe that God will take me there again calmly, in the name of Jesus !!! (Original) Passei rápido por ele foi só uma escala qdo sai da Finlândia a Porto-Portugal, mas creio que Deus vai me levar lá novamente com calma, em nome de Jesus!!!

  • 3Edson M. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) There is a lack of USB cell phone chargers in the common part of the airport, there are only terminals and a lot of beggars inside asking for money (Original) Falta carregadores de telemoveis por USB na parte comum do aeroporto, so tem nos terminais e muita presença de mendigos adentro a pedir dinheiro

  • 3M. 1 year ago
    The waiting time at the transfer security was a little bit long and there was no fastlane existing. that is weak for a hub airport. Otherwise the airport is fine, a couple of shops, good overview and orientation and mostly clean.

  • 2Koel G. 9 months ago
    One of the most chaotic airports airports I have experienced in Europe. I don’t recommend to travel through Lisbon if you have a connecting flight in small gap. Immigration process takes ages to be done. The airport authorities are as negligent and as rude as none seen before. We had a connection flight to Munich returning from Mexico. Also while flying to Mexico in the gate the lady in the counter called us and asked for all our hotel stay confirmations and she even took screen shots ( to us this is beyond privacy rules of Europe and none others were asked. People are not all considerate of social distancing in these covid times ( attached pics below)

  • 2Aaron B. 8 months ago
    Bring a pen. It's wild that they will issue you documents to have filled out but not provide any way of making that happen. There is also indoor smoking rooms that could probably use an extra bit of sealing. The view into Portugal was gorgeous though. They also had a sardine shop that was fun to see. Would recommend experiencing it at least once.

  • 2Julie O. 1 year ago
    Please fix the food options. You have nice shops but can't get decent food? Do better. Also, the airport could do with some renovations.

  • 2Raymond C. 1 year ago
    Due to COVID and Lisbon airport strikes, they take a ton of time just to get your on boarding pass (no available online). My flight on Sunday was in 2h. I went to priority line, the woman said it wasn't her problem and pointed me to the long line in aggressive tone. It took more than 1h just to collect the onboarding pass where they checked the COVID pass. Then the usual security check. Disorganized at Terminal 1. The gates are announced only 30 mins before departure. You might have to walk 1km to reach your gate. 10 minutes before departures, they start to let people sit in the airplane. The good things are it is relatively small and easy to access from Lisbon public transportation.

  • 2Ashik M. 5 months ago
    We made our gate on time but was told the plane had left. The ladies were extremely rude as if we miss a flight every day and knew what to do next. They definitely need more training on customer service. They gave us a card and said call BA. We eventually booked another flight to London via Easyjet as BA were overpriced. Took a while. The queue to exit terminal 1 took almost 2 hours. There was people travelling to all different countries but only 3 booths open with 2 people inside them working to do the passport checks. No social distancing although i can hear people coughing, your legs will ache. Finally got out of terminal and got to terminal 2 where the workers for easyjet were much more helpful.

  • 1Ivan B. 8 months ago
    Apart from the third-world country appearance and confusing direction signs (unused fast track lanes, random logos that look like arrows and then the arrows you're actually looking for), the biggest pain point of this airport are the baggage trolleys which cannot break(!) and can stroll sideways. This unusual ability paired with many sloped surfaces guarantees people struggling and drifting their trolleys in&around this airport. From my extensive travel experience, this is the worst airport in Europe and beyond.

  • 1Prashanna p. 5 months ago
    I’ve travelled around so many places and this is the worst airport I have ever been to. I arrived from Toronto, Canada at 11:15am. Got off the plane and I have been waiting in line for more than 4 hours just to get through immigration/customs. There are more than a thousand people in this line, I feel so bad for the children and seniors who have had to carry their backpacks and suitcases and stand in this ridiculous line for over 4 HOURS!!! There were even some medics here because people were passing out in line. So many people had connecting flights and they are missing it. Horrible experience.

  • 1Stephane L. 7 months ago
    They have no idea how to manage passport control. EU lane was completely empty but still had as mang open boots as Others, on top of automated machines

  • 1Tansu E. 3 months ago
    One of the most hectic airport I ever been, I don’t know where should I start first to count.. At first airport big enough but workers are pretty much lazy and pay no attention to deliver ease, especially in security check. No professionalism at all, officers are not even talking with you if you have liquid, computer etc., no observation skills. Hope authorities will read this comment. Angry floor cleaning ladies cursing out loud. On check-in counters slow service (no conversation at all).

  • 1Mumtaz A. 1 year ago
    It's was a good experience ....was nice view

  • 1E. 3 months ago
    Takes 3h for a non-EU to reach passport check. About half of the non-EU passport desks were unattended despite this crowd. This is not welcoming, not professional and not ethical. I feel very sorry for families with children and elderly people. Also, you can’t imagine a better place to spread viruses like Covid or Seasonal Flu. Priority gate is strictly for handicapped persons, pregnant ladies and families with babies only. There is no paid priority service either.

  • 1j. 2 months ago
    Probably one of the worst airports i have ever been to. I had a Lufthansa flight to catch at 5am, the airport was dirty (the food court area had all the trays still on the table probably from the previous day) there was only one cafe opened. Lack of staff everywhere, very rude staff to be perfectly honest. As a Portuguese citizen, I’m ashamed of this airport. This is the first impression of someone into our country and the last impression someone has. If i was a tourist i would never come back to this airport, and to this country…

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