Museum of Theater and Dance - Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

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Estr. do Lumiar 10, 1600-495 Lisboa, Portugal



+351 21 756 7410

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4.20 (455 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Saturday: 10AM to 1PM, 2 to 6PM
  • Sunday: 10AM to 6PM
  • Monday: (Freedom Day), Closed, Hours might differ
  • Tuesday: 10AM to 6PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM to 6PM
  • Thursday: 10AM to 6PM
  • Friday: 10AM to 6PM


  • 5Nadia De M. 1 year ago
    Small but beautiful. The park is pretty nice and you can see Margot Fontaine's ballet shoes. Cute for a Sunday afternoon when it's free. Otherwise is 3€

  • 5Salwa F. 9 months ago
    An archive preserving the memories and history of performing arts in Portugal: Theatre, Dance and Opera. Worth a visit.

  • 5Octavian C. 4 years ago
    Really lovely, children oriented. Plenty of back stage material and costumes. A theatre museum is hardly recommended for international tourist, as it is naturally oriented to the local history. This one overcomes the issue. And the location in the heart of the botanical garden is definitely a plus !

  • 5Kristoffer N. 5 months ago
    The garden is a must see in Lisbon. It is partially wild and ancient, like a fairytale forest nested around the palace, with just the right light touch by human hand to make you think you are the first person to discover it in years. Like a forgotten hideaway. Yet there are large, open, well kept meadows perfect to stretch out on, with or without a picnic blanket. This place is magical. Bring kids, please. They will love it!

  • 5jorge s. 7 months ago
    There for mediaval and renaiscence music experience lute and voice

  • 4Andrew W. 3 years ago
    Lovely museum

  • 4Maryam K. 3 years ago
    I have been in many museum in Lisbon where I was the only visitor at that time, but I never felt like being followed as much as I was feeling in this museum. It is normal that the security should be inspecting the area of the visit, but in here the woman responsible was literally following me. I felt so uncomfortable, and I could not enjoy the museum at all. She was following me and walking with me in each room that i went and if i was not on her sight, like if there was an item on the middle of the room and i was on the other side, she changed her place and walk with her neck bending to my side to see where I am. It was very unpleasant and i felt offended. Regardless of that,the museum was very small. The first floor was temporary exhibition and second floor is the permanent exhibition. Permanent exhibition included the minature samples of theatre stage which was pretty interesting and a room full of photos of actors and some costumes related to the Ballet dancers. One other negative points was that there were no English translation for the description if any. The museum is conected to a very nice park which then tails to the other museum,museum of costumes.

  • 4Miguel P. 1 year ago
    Nice setting and very quaint

  • 4Diogo C. 6 years ago
    Whether you are going to the theater or you are just enjoying the garden, take a look at the exhibition inside the museum. It is very interesting to learn more about the Portuguese art culture.

  • 4Wilson Miguel Ferreira Pontes C. 6 years ago
    These museums share their location with the Natinonal Traje Museum. They share a beautiful garden. The Theater Museum contains pieces of clothing, plays, and many other items related with the Portuguese theater. The Classic Dance Museum is quite small but not of small interest. (Free to visit at the first Sunday of the month)

  • 3Quali Y. 7 months ago
    Good place if you know the local artists or if you are really interested in stages. Many 3D miniatures of stage scenes and theatres. Outside the museum, six big pieces of recreation s based on the characters from Hieronymus Bosch's works.

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