€44 City Lodge Stockholm - in Stockholm, Sweden

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Klara northern, Klara Norra kyrkogata 15, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 8 22 66 30

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  • 2João Pedro D. 4 years ago
    Stayed at the largest dorm in the hostel. The dorm smelled terribly, to the point that my girlfriend was unable to sleep in her bed as the person in the bunk below her had caused an almost permanent stink. One of the top bunk beds had a broken frame and they still allowed it to be used by a guest, instead of repairing it. One of the two toilets available for the 28 bedded room was clogged for almost an entire day, severely limiting possible bathroom use. There is a kitchen for use, but the plates and cutlery (which are washed by guests) were usually put back while still dirty. Also, please do not come to this hostel expecting anything close to a social atmosphere. The guests all keep to themselves and many times have an almost cautious approach to each other. It's a very cold atmosphere. Bedsheets and the locker room are only available if you pay which, while it is not an uncommon practice, always comes off to be as being sort of cheap. There are other hostels in Stockholm with a similar price range that are much more likely to satisfy your needs. One really good benefit, though, is that it is well located. Very close to the city center and the Old Town.

  • 1Levi K. 4 months ago
    I’ve traveled all over the world - New York, Poland, India for example - and I’ve never been to a hostel this bad. The walls are paper thin, you hear EVERYTHING the other guests are doing - snoring, shouting, walking. Bathrooms smelt like urine. People were shouting random things in the middle of the night (3AM, 5AM) and a lot of the guests seemed to be either high and/or in desperate need of mental health services. The location’s good, but is it worth being close to the central station if you won’t be able to sleep at night due to all the noise?

  • 1Andrei P. 9 months ago
    Worst experience someone can ever have. Words cannot describe entirely how bad it was. Just horrible. The front door is made out of glass which is completely broken. Huge risk of shattering over you when you touch it. The receptionist does not speak a single word in English. It is very hard to understand what he is trying to say. He is not welcoming at all. The whole place is unsafe. They do not provide even bed sheets and the beds are dirty. The room strongly smells like urine, it is disgusting. Everything is filthy. It is like in a horror movie. I swear I have never experienced something worse. I came to sleep during the night in the room and all the beds were unavailable, so I had to get out in the cold on the street and try to survive while being so exhausted. Please, if you care about yourself, never chose this place, even though it is cheap.

  • 1Jimena G. 7 months ago
    If you want to live your hostal themed nightmare in Europe, this is the place. Filled with sketchy and mentally unwell people humming or praying in their beds through the night. The bathrooms are so disgusting that if you shower there you will never feel clean again. As a girl you get the extra experience of having the Old men from reception hitting on you. Terrible does not cover how bad it is. Please do not stay there.

  • 1R. 7 months ago
    The other reviews are TRUE!!! READ THEM AND BEWARE! This hostel has BED BUGS. Smoking INSIDE the hostel. There was either a very angry or mentally unstable woman yelling every 15-20minutes at the top of her lungs. STAY AWAY. Hostel REFUSED to give me a refund, but booking.com customer service issued me a refund and I also issued a complaint fraudulent charge with my credit card company.

  • 1Eva C. 1 year ago
    The room is not a good value for the price, 2250KR for 3 night is expensive for what it is. Our reservation hasn't been taken in account. There is no wifi, no mobile networks, no 4G. Plus, the place is noisy (said no noises between 10 pm and 10 am, but it was always noisy during bed time). The beds were not comfortable, to get a linen, we had to pay more, no windows. The service was unpleasant / impolite.

  • 1Mariana S. 6 months ago
    Don't stay there. This "hostel" is in reality a shelter for homeless. Rooms in the basement, no windows, bed bugs and not super clean bathrooms. There was a fight near the reception, people screaming and saying they got robbed. One of the worst hostels I've ever been in my life and one of the worst experiences I had as a traveler.

  • 1Willow R. 2 years ago
    Tl;Dr : bed bugs and borderline unsanitary bathrooms The place is very central and reasonably cheap. It was a great hostel in a pinch since a booking issue meant we couldn't stay in our previous one. And to be honest, I would have looked beyond the worn out ... Everything, the dingy atmosphere, and the noise. And I wasn't that bothered by the absence of windows, room in Stockholm is expensive, I get it. But the state of the sanitaries was borderline criminal and we found bedbugs crawling on the bedsheets and that is just unacceptable. I have no intention to bring bedbugs back home and I do *not* look forward to having to treat all my clothe.

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