€30 Lodge32 Hostel Stockholm - in Stockholm, Sweden

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Hantverkargatan 32, 117 27 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 8 559 210 61

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3.10 (370 reviews)


  • 5Sara Serrallonga L. 4 months ago
    Really nice experience!! I have met very nice people here! All the spaces in general) are very clean, the showers are big with hot water, there are fridges, a kettle and a microwave. The bedsnwere comfortable too! The staff were really friendly Very affordable I'd totally reccommend!!

  • 3Owen S. 11 months ago
    Very flexible arrival thanks to the use of codes. Room is cheap and is a great place to crash after a day in Stockholm. Beware nonetheless that the kitchen is very poorly equipped, don't expect to be doing some cooking there (not even pasta cause there is no stove), there isn't even enough cups to have coffee in the morning.

  • 2Patrick M. 5 months ago
    Clean room and great location in the city, but there is no "kitchen", only two microwaves

  • 1yaminamassilya L. 8 months ago
    This hostel Is a mess. It's beyond from a social/ cheap hostel. There are no cutlaries or cups, you can't even get a knife to cut your own bread, or spread your own butter. The tables and the toilets are very dirty and SMALL, there are 2 tiny toilets for which you have to queue for an hour. On top of that, the guests are as horrible as the place. There were 3 french folks who did not bother AT ALL, kept talking and whispering all night long, called my friend a rhino cause he "unconsciously, as he was sleeping" made a noise, and one of them stated that she wanted to hit him !! Very civilised. One of them kept her alarm on for 10 minutes. They had 0 respect. Anyway, AVOID this hostel

  • 1Fons T. 5 months ago
    Worst hostel ever... Very dirty bed, no sheets (had to call) and dirty everything. Feels cramped and is in a basement. Weird vibe too.

  • 1M. 11 months ago
    Probably the worst hostel I've stayed in. There is noise by guests 24/7 as more than half the rooms have a kitchen/social area in front of them. It's a wild-west as there are no real rules and no staff there, even if there were rules like people cleaning up after themselves they were not followed (dirty plates and tables all the time). More than half the showers were broken in some way, and the toilets were out of paper half the time. There is no help from staff, as I saw a couple wait 7hours inside the hostel ("check-in time") waiting for someone to help them with providing clean bedsheets for their beds. They had to call booking.com to get them a new place to stay (it was 22:00 by this time) because no one was helping them either through the contact number or the staff who were "there" (they're volunteers and don't do much to help even when directly asked). Avoid.

  • 1Stéphanie M. 11 months ago
    Horrible. Disgusting. Spend 10 euros more and go somewhere else. This place is underground, no windows in any rooms. No air. Rooms are dark and small and stinky. No nearby plugs in room to charge your devices. No kitchen (even if it says there’s one in the listing). Stay aware from this place even if it was free! Toilets and showers are disgustingly dirty. Trash are not emptied.

  • 1Angeliki I. 10 months ago
    Terrible! We couldn't access the room that we paid for because of "Technical issues" and none would answer our calls. We were waiting for 4 or 5 hours, trying to reach them using skype, mail, phone. Never got a refund.

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