€42 ACCO Hostel Stockholm - in Stockholm, Sweden

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Ansgariegatan 10, 117 27 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 8 559 210 61

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3.00 (565 reviews)


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  • 5SIMEON M. 7 months ago
    Wonderful place, great company, nice silk sheets, just don't open the door at night. Поздрави на филията

  • 5Stellan L. 1 year ago
    I had a great experience here in the summer of 2019. Only for one night I stayed though, but the service was very good with helpful staff and they also had a very nice breakfast for a good price. The room and the common areas were as I expected, nothing special and the cleanliness was okay. But extremely price worthy for the location.

  • 42. 9 months ago
    Everything good except the smell near kitchen. Value for money.

  • 2Jaffrey H (. 6 months ago
    Nice place, okay/unique location, but i got sick from one of the people in the rooms. The hostel was small and cramped (little room). People were friendly. There was a cool cafe. I didn't feel completely safe. Towel and linens were included, which was nice. It wasn't a modern feel. Despite this being the cheapest, i wouldn't really stay here again. There was laundry tho, which seemed to be free.

  • 2Stéphanie M. 11 months ago
    Nice rooms and beds. But listing is lying on a few things: coffee place and breakfast permanently closed. No kitchen. Just a microwave. Toilets always without toilet paper. Missing sheet….

  • 2Andrea M. 11 months ago
    They were really flexible with my booking during covid I appreciate it but I did not have a good feeling from the hostel, really weird people, did not have a feeling that it is always that clean (taking into the account pandemic) and I did not expect having the kitchen next to our room from where you always had some noises. I also missed some place for packing. I am quite fan of hostels but I would expect in Sweden a better level of experience not as in Eastern Europe or worse. From the pictures it looks way better. If you are looking for something very cheap and just for short term sleep it might be a good choice.

  • 1N. 7 months ago
    Worst place I’ve ever been. Not clean, I’ll even say the bedroom was disgusting with food on the mattress, toothpicks… One person from the staff was rude, would walk in our room without knocking ¿¿WHO DOES THAT ?? The place is maybe cheap, but it’s not worth it, you can found better place in the city, not for much more. We left the hostel before the end of our reservation because it was not possible to stay in such dirty place. Bathroom with no lock, staff coming in our room in the middle of the night or at any hour, the kitchen… well not a kitchen. Nothing to cook and no material to eat (yeah… a kitchen with no forks or knives) Well, I’ll just say it was not a good experience and we are happy to left this place as soon as it was possible.

  • 1Farid A. 5 months ago
    Nice staff Awful quality Dirty common area

  • 1Ahmed Al M. 10 months ago
    We were 5 friends traveling from Tallinn last 18th of September, and booked 5 beds in ACCO hostel. After 15:00 we went there, after going there we found everything messed up. Our beds were taken by someone else and even someone threatened saying that this bed is taken by Ex-military person and he will throw us away. We felt like humiliated and tensed. Thanks to authority for giving us full refund on cancellation but sad is the authority don’t even know what is happening inside there hostel. I am attaching some pictures of our beds that are taken when we went there and saw everything is so unhealthy and inappropriate. Can never recommend any tourists to go there.

  • 1Alex K. 9 months ago
    So dirty hostel .. toilet smels no pappers shower smels bad ..kichen only microwave dirty as well.. volyntireer they think that are managers or director of a 5stars hotel have no shoul .. they're laying that they have no empty room to a woman with a 2 month baby they left her in the road out with cold ..the codes of frond door or a room never get them in time so u have to wait outside till soneone open the doors..living room to little swith persons that drinking and yealing till morning ..it is worst from a homless shelter..never going again

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