€44 Den Röda Båten - in Stockholm, Sweden

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Södermälarstrand Kajplats 10, 118 20 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 8 644 43 85

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3.80 (600 reviews)


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  • 5Kollár P. 10 months ago
    Very lovely staff, comfy bed, clean showers. Breakfast is great and in a very lovely atmosphere old wooden boat dining room. What you have to understand though, that is still a boat, so do not expect house sized rooms and soundproofing. We love boats, so for us it was great and added to the overall experience of staying in Stockholm.

  • 5T. 10 months ago
    It was a great experience to stay in this boat. I really liked the atmosphere of an old wiiden boat in the restaurant area, girls at the reception are extremely nice and helpful and even though it is a hostel- I really can recommend it! Everything is clean and beds were very comfy:)

  • 5Viljamin S. 4 months ago
    For the price this is really good stay. Our molded mattras went previously unnotified by staff, but they already started fixing the situation. It's bit cramped in a small boat, but there is also the boat athmosphere.

  • 4Leaf G. 11 months ago
    (My gf and I stayed in the hostel part) All in all I would recommend staying here. The staff is really nice and speaks English, the breakfast is great (albeit a bit costly), there are vegan options, and the overall atmosphere on the red boat is amazing, especially if you love historic boats as much as I do. Our room was a bit small, but it worked for the six days we stayed here, and the view out of the windows is phenomenal, especially at night. The shared bathrooms are as clean as shared bathrooms can be. It takes about five minutes to the nearest metro station (and another five minutes to argue with the ticket machine) but a very beautiful part of Stockholm, including multiple restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries and shops can be reached by foot in under ten minutes. If the weather is very windy, it can be that the boat rocks a little, but it didn't affect my girlfriend who usually gets sea sick real fast so I'd say you're fine (unless you're reaaaally sensitive).

  • 4Noah S. 9 months ago
    If you're looking for an experience over luxury you're at the right address if you choose to stay on the red boat. The rooms are affordable and the proximity to the water makes the sleeping experience really special. While the rooms could be cleaner they're not dirty and the bed sheets smell amd look freshly washed. My only real criticism are the showers in the double bed rooms, which are extremely small and smell like old wet clothes after showering. I can also recommend paying extra for breakfast, which is just around 90Kr per person. There is a nice variety of swedish bread and deli meats as well as different kinds of jam and mueslis. The staff is very polite and genuinely friendly. :) The boat is also very close to the subway, as well as the city centre, which is about 15 minutes of walking away. I would recommend checking out the Red Boat for sure!

  • 3Obsi D. 5 months ago
    There are two boats. We expected to stay on the red one and were disappointed to learn we had a room on another simple one. Other than that it was OK and a fun stay on a boat.

  • 3Michelle S. 6 months ago
    We should be in the red one boat, but we were in the white one (uglier). Old small room, but very warm. The corridor between our room and the bathroom was very cold. In the bathroom was mildew, we were scared about some diseases.

  • 1Steven V. 5 months ago
    Only positive note I have is that the staff was super friendly but all things considered I had 2 horrible nights. First of all the rooms, showers and toilets were not clean. It was all moisty, especially the showers. It felt like it wasn't cleaned since the start of the pandemic. Breakfast was okay but a bit pricy for what you'd get. The bedroom itself was small (which is okay because it's a boat) but it wasn't really decorated smartly (there's a table in every room which I'd replace with a folding table to generate some more space etc.) We also saw a waterline running through our room that was made of asbestos, didn't really want to brush my teeth amymore after seeing that.

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