€68 Crafoord Place Hostel - in Stockholm, Sweden

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Hälsobrunnsgatan 10, 113 61 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 70 074 47 06

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4.10 (208 reviews)


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  • 5Carina M. 1 year ago
    Nice comfy cozy clean hostel with chill staff! No stove but small ovens and a rice cooker/crock pot so you can actually cook like everything from pasta to roast chicken to curries and more.

  • 5Γιαννης . 7 months ago
    Excellent stay, the owners are very kind and friendly!! The place is sparkling clean also 👍👍

  • 4U. 1 year ago
    I stayed at this place for over a week, rooms were okay, bathrooms were okay but very tight space-wise. The lady staff members were friendly and nice as well as being helpful. They also disinfected the entire hostel every morning which put my mind at ease with Covid, however the place is a little too crowded at times so social-distancing was almost impossible.

  • 3A. 3 years ago
    Decent place, but if you have time and a little flexibility in your budget, find a better one. Not great or good hostel, just OK. Service was meh and overall place was relatively clean. While there is a pretty view here, the location is just plain bad. No social life whatsoever within the hostel, so I do not recommend this place for solo travelers - especially if you’re a woman. Upon trying to leave the hostel, I asked for them to print out my boarding pass (which cost 10 sek) to which I was told they were out of ink. Loved Stockholm, but I’m more than happy to leave this hostel.

  • 2Job S. 9 months ago
    The location is by far the best thing about this place. And the facilities are what you pay for, the bare minimum, but very functional. Due to the pandemic a lot of guests here are permanent residence who work in Stockholm, they're very nice, but it doesn't make for a great holiday experience. We didn't like going back to the hostel and would stay out for as long as possible. In the end we ended up booking a hotel and turning our back on this place.

  • 2Shali T. 11 months ago
    The location and facilities of this hostel were great. The receptionist was helpful and friendly. However, during the pandemic, certain protocols are essential for industries to follow, even if clients choose to stay with them. We got paired in a room with a guy who was heavily sick and was coughing the entire night and day. This made us uncomfortable, as we also noticed that they did not check anyone's COVID-passport or their tests. After calling them about this, hoping to get moved to another room, they told us that the guy coughs regularly and not to worry. This negligence shows that they still paired us with him even though they knew he was ill. They then told us that it was our choice that we booked a shared room, still not concerned about their client's well-being. We had to rebook another hotel late at night, and ended up getting sick as well. Testing in Sweden for COVID is quite expensive and travellers do not want to be stuck in a foreign country. This hostel needs to emplace further protocols to adapt to this instead of letting the guests use their own discretion and stay in shared rooms when they could be carriers.

  • 1F. 3 months ago
    Rude staff in the reception, there’s not even a code to enter the hostel so feels unsafe. The common area looked like a hospital waiting room and the whole feeling of the hostel was very uninviting.

  • 1Dorota K. 1 year ago
    Dirty, smelly and incredibly small. They asked extra 50SK per person for bed clothes that they haven't even deliver - i have no pillow cover. Don't recommend.

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