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Rehnsgatan 21, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 8 15 28 38

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3.00 (105 reviews)


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  • 3Linn W. 7 months ago
    Very friendly staff! When I had to wait for maybe 10 minutes to check in, I was offered a snack while waiting. The other guests were a bit strange. Location is excellent, as is the price! I ended up changing travelling plans and didn't stay the night, so I can't say anything about that.

  • 3Malte D. 4 years ago
    It's an average hostel in my opinion. The fact that it's downstairs makes it really dark, but I didn't care due to the fact that I was here overnight only anyway. The beds were acceptable and the rooms were relatively calm. The breakfast was really basic with a small choice, but tasted good. I loved the coffee! The dishes should really be renewed whatsoever. A big plus of this hostel is the good connection within Stockholm. You literally have close walks to every spot in the central and three metro lines (Green lines) stopping right in front of the hostels door. Most of the staff was friendly. They usually were able to speak and unterstand english. At one night, some random drunk dude slept in my bed when I came home, I immediately got another room as well as fresh sheets. The sanitary facilities are okay, not as smelly as described here. Overall, the hostel was pretty clean despite the fact that there was dust in some corners. The main parts (showers, toilets, beds) were clean.

  • 1Dionysis I. 2 years ago
    Worst hostel ever. Weird guests. No staff. Charged to much money. Better pay a little more to get a hotel. We went inside and decided straight away not to stay there for the night. There is no fresh air inside. Smells like mold. Everything is dirty. Feels more like a homeless shelter than a hostel.

  • 1m. 3 years ago
    It was one of my worst nights at that hotel. There were a lot of sketchy guests, also a lot if people coming in that weren‘t even guests, just lingering around. There were rats in the kitchen just under the stove, bed bugs and no windows. all that for a high price. It felt like an unsafe, unhygienic cave we were living in. would not recommend.

  • 1Burag G. 5 years ago
    The owners/managers are pleasant people (not very accessible in terms of language though, we'd expect to clearly communicate in english) but this is a depressing place without any windows, meaning no air and no day light. Breakfast was nice. The walls are so thin you could hear people speaking from the next room. Showers are dirty with tons of hair :/ toilets were fine. Wouldnt recommend if you have other choices.

  • 1Michel V. 7 years ago
    I have been all around the world but it was the first time I have such unpleasant experience in a hostel. I would not expect it in Sweden. As it is said: "idiots don't choose nationality neither language". I was bit by BEDBUGS in that place!! They even rented out the room I just had slept to other people even though I have complained about the bedbugs. I spend half of the weekend waiting in a hospital for a doctor. I had to pay for the medicine and the doctor. When I asked the owner to be refund for the night I was there he said that if I was unhappy I should have left the place instead of changed the room so he would not give me any money back. When I was back from a whole day at a hospital taking corticoids I just wanted to sleep if I had strength enough I would have left that shithole! The owner have no interest in provide a good service and it is a shame for Stockholm city! I alerted the authorities and they are aware of this sort of conduct by that business. If you want a tip keep away from that place! It was responsible for an awful experience! I was screwed on what suppose to be a nice weekend with my girlfriend in Sweden.

  • 1Sebastian K. 7 years ago
    It' s very dirty. The showers und toilets are discusting. We had a little tiny room, there you have Some bed Bugs. The price (80€ per night) is much to high for this dirty place. IT was so discusting that i couldn 't enjoy my breakfast.

  • 1Christer N. 7 years ago
    Deep in a celler, without any daylight and windows is this hostel. Maybe this is the worse part of it. Everything is like a celler.Not clean in the room, a lot of human hair in the bed. Toothpaste on bed shelf. No paper and soap in toilet. Will never stay there again. And its too expensive, 680:- for this standard is far too much. Annika

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