Biological Museum - Natural history museum in Stockholm, Sweden

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Hazeliusporten 2, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden



+46 8 442 82 00

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3.90 (181 reviews)


  • 5Elodie D. 4 years ago
    Lovely little museum. Beautiful building.

  • 5N C. 5 years ago
    Very interesting museum featuring a two-storey diorama featuring taxidermy animal specimens collected during the 1800's. Surprisingly good, and with very fascinating architecture. General guide to exhibits also available in English.

  • 4Pooja S. 4 months ago
    Great architecture

  • 4k. 4 years ago
    Great museum full of interesting exhibits

  • 4Nick B. 6 years ago
    A quirky collection, untouched since its installation many years ago.

  • 4Rasmus J. 4 years ago
    Very, very nice place too look at stuffed animals placed in different biomes. The layout of the museum is very unique and well worth a visit just because of this. The price is very reasonable. I would advise everyone to visit!

  • 3Joakim T. 5 years ago
    This is a piece of history, not a piece of biology. The museum was opened late 19th century and i still operated in the same fashion. The drawings in the dioramas are of well renown painters and the house is architected inthe style of norse wooden churches. There are bleached animals to watch, but more so focus on the natural illumination, the colours and the historical piece this museum is!

  • 2Chad W. 4 years ago
    This is a tiny museum which you will be in and out of in 5 minutes. Cool to spot all the taxidermy once inside the centre surrounded by the different animals in various regions but it's not enough to warrant a visit. I went in because I loved the exterior of the building but my appreciation ended there.

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Last updated: 2022-04-24