Hökarängsbadet - Beach in Stockholm, Sweden

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128 69 Stockholm, Sweden




+46 8 508 180 00

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4.00 (496 reviews)


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  • 5Gabriel T. 8 months ago
    Went there with a few friends. On our last day in Stockholm we decided to just take the Metro and ride until the final stop. We ended up in Farsta. After arrival we found a small beach. A friend decided to take a bath. Was pretty cold I think. Left my phone number on the beach still waiting for someone to send me n u d e s

  • 5Eliot B. 8 months ago
    Lovely place to go ice skating when the lake freezes

  • 5Praveen M. 5 years ago
    Good place to enjoy, chill out, for barbecue with family and friends particularly in summer. Its a relatively small place and crowded in the evening times. I see lot of people fishing as well, never seen someone caught though 😜

  • 4Narendra M. 1 year ago
    Small yet beautiful lake with a beach. Good for a quick dip.

  • 4Milena Z. 4 years ago
    parking ✔ shower ✔ toilet ✔ shop ✔ A nice public place to swim. I had a feeling that there is relatively more place to sunbathe than actually bathe though and the water was not too clean - with small twigs here and there, and even ducks two metres away from me (which was kinda nice, on the other hand).

  • 4Sara L. 3 years ago
    Small but cute beach. Walkable from Farsta Centrum.

  • 3Tiffany du M. 1 year ago
    Wanted to stay overnight with our Motorhome. Would be possible, parking for 24h costs 50kr, but there was a party going on (saturday summer night)

  • 3Rebecca L. 4 years ago
    I don't particularly like this beach. The beach itself is very small so there's not so much room for the children to play. The lawn behind however is big which is nice from a pick nick aspect. The water is warm since the lake is small but it can be a bit unfresh in mid summer time. There's an out door gym and a place to buy ice cream and coffee. I think there's a public toilet as well

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