The Swan Lake Park - Park in Stockholm, Sweden

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Tellusborgsvägen, 126 37 Stockholm, Sweden


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4.20 (228 reviews)

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  • 5Kristijan K. 5 months ago
    This old blue tram toy reminded me on the old trams in my own home town, Zagreb in Croatia.

  • 5Cristhian A. 2 years ago
    Nice park where you can relax. There are several stores and restaurants in the surroundings. If you have kids they can enjoy the "pool".

  • 5Mikael P. 8 months ago
    I know you can buy some aloevera at Tellusborgsvägen 60: it's very near this Swandoms parking

  • 5Tobbe E. 4 years ago
    Great park to hang out in or take your kids to. Friendly people and great nearby restaurants to pickup food from for a picnic. This park can be quite busy. The park mainly consists of a big grass area, a big pool for kids with knee-deep water, and a playground. In the playground you can find swings, a sandbox, a play house in the shape of a tram/train, and some other attractions. Great place all around!

  • 5kevin m. 6 months ago
    Nice small park.

  • 5Benjamin M. 5 years ago
    Well-maintained, local park. Lovely landscaping. Fun, peaceful atmosphere in the summer.

  • 4Mario R. 2 years ago
    Svandammparken is a central neighborhood park with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is currently under work so some areas a closed. The parts that have been renovated are much more practical. For example, there is now a football/basketball small court that is very useful. There is a large green lawn for relaxing while sunbathing or having a picnic. There is a shallow water ring for small kids and a number of excellent restaurants, cafes, and ice cream parlors all around the perimeter. There are a few trails and benches. Finally, one of the nicest renovation works is the new playground. It is a great wooden structure with many opportunities to play for children 3 - 10 years old.

  • 2Michael M. 1 year ago
    Nothing really happening here. I suggest you go to aspuddsparken instead since it has both a zoo and a nice park for kids

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